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What are the Intelligent Technology Packages?

The Intelligent Technology Packages were announced in Sapphire last year. What these packages are is a bundle of SAP Conversational AI , SAP Machine Learning and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation(IRPA). This can be purchased on top of any of the following products: SAP S/4 on premise and Cloud, C/4, SuccessFactors, Digital Supply Chain and Ariba. In this blog post, we seek to explore how the 3 technologies can bring greater value to your customers by adding intelligent capabilities to SAP core applications.

What value do the Intelligent Technologies bring?

In a world where user experience is key , conversational AI would serve as a tool to make interaction as intuitive and personal as possible. Intelligent Robotic Process Automation improves workflows by reducing human errors and more mundane tasks become automated. This frees humans from performing these mundane tasks and allow us to focus on higher value tasks. Finally, machine learning continually improves the process by learning and re-learning to ensure the entire process becomes smarter and more efficient.

The combined value of the 3 technologies provides a much more compelling and powerful solution for customers across different LoBs and industries, transforming the way people use technology in their workflows. In the use case below, we will see how the 3 different technologies can work together in harmony to deliver a business outcome.

Combined Use Case

For this example, we will imagine a scenario in a bank where a user wants to open an account.

The present situation today would be where a user would have to fill in a form manually or on a website. An employee would then read the form and personal documents to input the data into a SAP system. Next, there would be a compliance team which verifies that the individual has a credit rating to open an account, before approving and sending over the account opening information to the user.

With Intelligent Technologies, a chatbot will serve as a platform for the user to fill in all information. Using machine learning, any information from documents will be extracted and verified across different databases to ensure compliance requirements are met. The entire process of inputting the data into ERP and non-SAP systems can be automated with a bot. Finally, the approval notification is automatically triggered and sent to the user using a bot.

As seen from the example above, the combined value of these technologies is something much more powerful and provides a better business outcome by improving the entire approval flow for an account opening while shortening the number of days (3-5 days to 1 day) required to open an account. Achieving all this while improving the entire user experience with a chatbot and a shorter account opening time.

This is just an example of how the Intelligent Technology Packages can transform workflows and provide business outcomes. The possibilities are endless!


Additional Resources

I have shared some useful resources below to get started with the different technologies below:

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Happy Learning!