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SAP Business Technology Platform has many powerful capabilities. But what value does it add? And what is the best way to realize its value?

In this blog and the included video we explain to you how to realize value with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and what helps you to do this as easy and cost-effective as possible. We show you the SAP Discovery Center and how to leverage SAP Business Technology Platform services under the free tier model.

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What value does SAP Business Technology Platform bring?

SAP Business Technology Platform adds business and technical value in your environment.
The business value side or the B in SAP BTP comes by realizing use cases which go beyond the scope offered from standard business software systems. A list of such use cases can be nicely explored in the mission catalog of the SAP Discovery Center. It contains a growing number of use cases which can be realized with SAP BTP. They come as full adoption enablement packages. That is why we call them missions. These missions can be easily adjusted to your specific needs. So even if you don’t find a 100% fitting use case the SAP Discovery Center is still a good place to start your mission.
The technical value can be explored in the service catalog of the SAP Discovery Center. It lists all technical services SAP BTP offers. You can find all information for a selected service like a detailed description, links to tools, resources, tutorials, and other learning resources in the catalog. You will see stories from customers who used the selected service, the roadmap, and details on the available pricing models, e.g., if a free tier service plan is available. Under the related missions tab we find use case which have been built with this service and where SAP offers guidance.

Can I explore this for free?

SAP offers the “free tier” model. For TechEd 2021, the free tier offering is extended towards individual persons like developers. A key element of the free tier model is that it allows you to test the capabilities at no cost. For example, you can create a proof-of-concept and after successfully validating that your needs are fulfilled, you can directly upgrade into productive mode with a paid service plan.

In the above video, we highlight three key elements on making free tier service plans work seamlessly: Entitlement (7:30), Creation (8:30), and Update (10:35).

Hint: You can find all services which are available under the free tier model by selecting the free tier category here on the left-hand side of the service catalog. SAP will constantly add more services here.

What guidance does SAP offer to realize such use cases?

The missions in the SAP Discovery Center give you all you need in one place starting with the use case description, a solution diagram which nicely shows you the required components in your landscape, a list of all the required SAP BTP Services with a direct link back into the service catalog, customer samples and stories. Specific support is offered through the SAP Community and for some missions even directly from experts for that specific mission. The project board is the core of our missions with step-by-step guidance how to implement this use case.
To access the content and run the mission you need to start the mission. Starting a mission itself is completely free of charge. It will give you access to all the guidance contained in the project board steps. It will create a personal copy for you so that you can tweak and adjust the use case to your specific needs.

Is there anything else new and cool coming out?

Indeed, there is. In the video we give you a preview of the Solution Diagram Editor as a new feature of the SAP Discovery Center. It does not only allow you to adjust the often-used solution diagrams to you your specific landscape. You can also enhance the use case e.g., by adding more SAP BTP services. The solution diagram editor will use the information related to the added services and update the cost estimate or get the extra steps required for adding this service. This way steps giving an overview or relevant tutorials and more can be included into your project board to update the step-by-step guidance.
We are releasing the solution diagram editor as part of the SAP Discovery Center in beta and the full functionality is planned to be available early next year for all of you.


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