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Earlier F4 (Filter Screen / Selector Dialog ) in BEx Analyzer Planning enabled query we were able to select only M or D as read modes and were not able to select read mode as P(planning ) .

With the new enhancement it is now possible to set the read mode as P for planning enabled query.

Following are the steps which needs to be followed to achieve the same.

1.  Read mode P can be activated by setting  parameter ANA_READMODE_P_REQUI = 'X' in transaction RS_FRONTEND_INIT

2. Create a real time info cube , in my case following is the structure of infoprovider

3. Now define Characteristic relationship between Currency and Country.

Navigate to transaction RSPLAN, click on infoprovider and select the real time cube and click on edit,

Go to the tab Characteristic Rels

and Click on create option , select the Char. Relationship type as Attribute from dropdown and select Characteristic master data builds basis  as Country and then check the option Derivation

Check Currency as Target Characteristic

Click on Save.

(More info on Characteristic relationships:

Characteristic Relationships It is used to test valid combination of records generated and derive the char values for other chars. This is at infoprovider level; it is applicable to all the aggregation levels of real time cube. Invalid combination: this is applicable in manual planning, when we are trying to generate a new combination which is not part of Char relation, it is assumed as invalid combination. Derive Characteristic: we can derive values for characteristics in real time cube, we define source and target characteristics in planning modeler.)

4. Then create the aggregation level.

5. Create an input enabled query on the aggregation level created.

6. Select the key figure which needs to be input enabled

7.Select the characteristic COUNTRY , in the extended tab , under  Filter Value Selection at   Query Execution select Characteristic Relationships

Do the same for characteristic CURRENCY as well.

8.Launch BEx Analyzer and open the above created query.

   Following is the data in the query

9.Now if we try to add new line say  GERMANY    EUR AUDI   2000

Invoke the selector dialog on Currency column, Click on settings

The Read mode – Planning mode should now be available.

Click on OK

10.Now invoke F4 on Currency field, select Single values , only EUR will be available for selection .