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re>≡CAP 2023

Over the last week, we buzzed with excitement as our long-awaited annual reCAP developer (un-) conference unfolded. It finally took place on July 7 as the first actual onsite version of re>≡CAP and celebrated as a breeding ground for knowledge exchange, open-source developments, and collaboration, concluded with incredible showcases, demos and innovative ideas.

With over 50 sessions featuring 70 speakers across six parallel tracks, this event brought together developers, architects, stakeholders from around the world. Developers and tech enthusiasts from Australia, India, the United States, and many other countries came together to exchange ideas, collaborate, and foster new connections., lilienthal, and SAPs CTO juergen.mueller kicked-off re>≡CAP 2023 followed by the keynote by none other than the inventor and CPO of CAP - daniel.hutzel. This was followed by numerous presentations, hands-on workshops and meet-the-expert sessions on exciting topics on and around CAP.

The full agenda gives a good impression of the variety of the topics:

One of the most exciting aspects of re>≡CAP 2023 was the ability to meet on-site with fellow attendees. With close to 400 individuals physically present at the conference venue the event marked a significant step towards returning to in-person gatherings after a challenging period of virtual interactions. The opportunity to network face-to-face and engage in meaningful conversations added a new dimension to the (un-) conference experience.

re>≡CAP 2023 witnessed its largest attendance ever, with approximately 1,300 live attendees, including both on-site and online participants.


Thanks to the great support by the SAP Global Broadcasting Team and our longtime sponsor j&s-soft, we have all the recordings available, now:

Event Impressions (more photos here)

Thanks to our event photographers Jan, Simon, Marcel, Sebastian, and other contributors we have a great photo coverage close to 1k images!


We received a lot of positive and motivating feedback onsite and online. If you have additional feedback or suggestions to improve the format please reach-out to us.

See you next year - your re>≡CAP orga team

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Design: Tariq Mansi - dietrich.mostowoj 

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