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Traveling back from SAP Teched LasVegas and Amsterdam, thought in sight of Bangalore would be good to recap some highlights and have a look ahead. Also this blog will give you an update on how SAP is doing in the Cloud.

First of all I want to make clear that you can’t be too late start with the Cloud. Need reasons? Check here the 7 most important attributes of a comprehensive Cloud Strategy. And please use SAPTechEd as education, deepening your knowledge and share experiences about cloud computing.  For those who just began thinking about how the cloud can change their business I want to start from scratch.

For what do we have the Cloud?

This is simple to answer. Because departments (LOB) and enterprises want to drive business change, and we want to drive it fast!

What is the Cloud?

My 2 cents - it is a catalytic environment and agile ability to drive business change. Technology wise, in a nut shell it is:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

and comes in 3 flavors…

  • Public Cloud - services developed, managed, owned & provided by the vendor
  • Private Cloud - services controlled and managed by customers or partners
  • Hybrid Cloud - a composition of the Public and Private Cloud that remain unique entities but are bound together, combining the benefits of multiple deployment models. I would to extend this definition to integration of Cloud solutions with on-premise installations. This is the reality companies will life in for long time.

You have to have in mind that a good application in the Cloud (SaaS) only works if you have a good Platform and Infrastructure Strategy as well (PaaS, IaaS).

Since SAP TechEd is a technical education conference the discussions were mainly platform driven.

What is Platform as a Service?

In the PaaS model, cloud providers deliver a computing platform, typically including operating system, programming language execution environment and database. PaaS delivers the set of Tools and Services designed to enhance, integrate and deploy SaaS applications.

SAP’s innovation platform, the SAP HANA Cloud platform has brought benefits from integration in hybrid landscapes to mobile and analytics just to mention a few - and will ensure all future innovation can be leveraged. Also see blog here.

Why use the SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

  • Leverage the game changing speed of SAP HANA in your applications
  • Rapidly innovate with comprehensive mobile, collaboration, big data and analytic services
  • Seamlessly extend business processes to the cloud with native integration to on-premise systems
  • Dramatically increase developer productivity with an easy to use development and run-time environment
  • Drive adoption and maximize revenue potential with SAP Marketplace

How secure is the cloud in regards to Cloud?

Cloud is still in doubt for many customers when it comes to security. SAP as a cloud provider does address customer concerns about security. Here are some proven facts:

  • SAP’s data-centers have achieved the most important audit standards and certificates to keep customer’s data secure (see also here)
  • SAP has a more that 40 years history of dealing with data security
  • At SAP security starts in the designing and implementation phase of new solutions
  • SAP invests heavily in security, especially for the cloud
  • SAP’s developers and partners get security trainings
  • In SAP’s Public Cloud model every level of the cloud-computing stack is controlled, from data-center to database to middle-ware and the applications layer

But Security it is not only about Certification & Data-center. The concept of a vendor needs to go far beyond that. It needs to address the operation of my data, storage of my data and e.g. the portability of my data because I might want it today on-premise and tomorrow in the cloud.

For more detailed insights check out the videos of the interviews/discussion from TechED LIVE here:

How is SAP doing in the cloud? An interview with SAP Cloud Strategist Sven Denecken and Richard Hirsch (SAP Mentor, Atos) takes on Sven Denecken (VP, Cloud Solutions Strategy, SAP) in a two-part discussion on cloud. Part I has a focus on UX, mobile, end-user, and hybrid.

Have No Fear, Cloud is Here -- Martin Gillet (SAP Mentor and Independent SAP HCM Consultant) continues the discussion with Sven Denecken and Frank Koehntopp (SAP Mentor and SAP Security Expert) focusing on more on hybrid, integration, and security.

Now looking forward to Bangalore, make sure you have my TOP 5  sessions on your radar:

and one more:

Hope you join "the cloud" in Bangalore SAP TechED

Let us know what you think and follow us via twitter @SAPCloud and @SDenecken


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