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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The impact of COVID-19 has impacted everyone around the world; unifying us in an experience yet separating us by individual circumstances. Many working from home for the first time while simultaneously home-schooling children, others sequestered in isolation.

In the US Over 123,000 school closures impacted 54.8 million students and their families. Leaving many kids without the lunch and breakfast programs they rely on for sustenance. SAP4Kids aims to put help families find food and free resources to get through this crisis.

During the Sapphire NOW Vision Keynote you heard DJ Paoni and Christian Klein mention their excitement around our SAP4Kids offering and our partnership with GenYouth.

We recently hosted a LinkedIn Live detailing how SAP was able to partner with GenYouth to connect kids in need with resources made available by generous donors.

SAP speakers Sara Marshall and Scott Dillon will spoke about what inspired us to build this solution, what’s ahead, and how you can support or access resources. Intel’s Vishal Sanghvi moderated the session and helped us take a look at what is under the hood of this scalable platform and how we’ve needed to pivot the platform in response to changing needs during the pandemic.

To ensure everyone in need can access the resources they need Clockwork Inc built a native app. Mike Roach from Clockwork shares some fun background on how they were able to run a code jam to get to both the prototype and the beta.

One of my favorite takeaways from the session was understanding that it’s a crowdsourced app—anyone who knows about a local resource can enter it into the platform and it will be visible to everyone within minutes.

And the app will continue to evolve both technically and to include more resources, like return to work support.

Please tell anyone (or organization) you know who may need help about this resource, and attend the recording of the (not so live) on the SAP Technology LinkedIn Channel. Or learn more about SAP4Kids or download the app  by Clockwork Inc from the Apple App Store.