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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog post has the intention to give some background information about the newly released Quick-start service for retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository.

In my last blog post, I introduced SAP standard content for Retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository which is a mandatory prerequisite of this Quick-start service.

What's the idea of Quick-start service for retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository?

This service provides a quick time-to-value for SAP Retail customers aiming to maximize the potential of their investments in SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR). Starting from predefined content providing real-time insights into performance across regions, locations and merchandise categories, we tailor the analytics to your needs and optimize data consumption based on your data patterns.

In short, this service adresses the following business needs:

  • Quick time-to-value through enabling the power of SAP HANA architecture with SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Provide meaningful insights on the customer’s current data and analytics capabilities within SAP Customer Activity Repository

  • Improve decision making with real-time insights into multichannel sales data

What's the service scope?

Aligned with the standard quick-start service approach, the service follows the following 3 key phases:

  • Prepare & Explore: Provide knowledge transfer in SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and Retail; perform a fit-gap-analysis and validate the customer use case

  • Realize: Implement the validated scenario in two sprints

  • Deploy: Go-Live preparation and execution, support transport to production, validation and Post-Go-Live support


Who is involved and has to be involved?

Due to the fact, that this service aims to support the whole analytics chain (as a start point for a changing culture), the commitment on customer side needs to be strong to get the best out of it.

The following graphic shows the different roles needed for a successful delivery:



What's the value and benefit of the service?

In short terms, the value of this service, besides fixed price and timeline, can be listed as follows:

  • A service providing a ready-to-use solution for retail analytics with SAP Customer Activity Repository

  • Driving fast business user adoption

  • Achieve a baseline for future expansion in the customer landscape

But I want to spend just a few more words on this. In the past few years analytical possibilities and tools has changed tremendous. Much effort was spend on getting more features and functions ready. As a result, business end users are now empowered with lots of possibilities to build their own stories on top of given data sets. However "more possibilities" and "being empowered" will not be efficient, as long there is no guidance and knowledge transfer as a first step.

In the past, there were hard boundaries between IT and business. Business has defined the KPIs they would like to get in their reports and IT has delivered and every solution built has been carved in stone for eternity.

This service has a deep focus on knowledge transfer. It's all about giving business user a guidance on their journey to all the flexibilty SAP Analytics Cloud is offering by using data sets provided by SAP Customer Activity Repository.

In addition, this service provides not only knowledge transfer to the business end user, but also to the technology teams, responsible for the data sets. SAP Customer Activity Respository is running on SAP HANA and this offers again so many possibilities and best practices.

Across the whole analytics chain, a real use case will be realised on top of SAP Customer Activity Repository and SAP Analalytics Cloud and brought to production. After this quick-start service, the onsite team (customer or partner) should be fully aware of how to manage further analytics projects.


Regards and stay curious,


#build bridges, not silos

#bring peace