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As a proactive support to our SAP Work Manager/Inventory Manager customers, we have setup some quick start guides on how to install and get the SAP Work Manager to sync with the typical Agentry Test Environment (ATE) or SAP Agentry WPF clients.

Most of these Quick Start Guides reviewed multiple support tickets, QA tricks and request for help from the SAP Community Network (SCN discussions) to enhanced our documentation. This means by following the steps outline in the guide, the user will not see the same common error as reported in SCN or SAP ticketing (incidents). This will help each user tremendously in setting our products.

Thanks for making our SAP Work Manager and Inventory Manager successful. We wanted to share more hands on guide to help you in setting this product easily for your project and the customers.

  1. Quick Start Guide to install SAP Work Manager 6.0 with SMP 2.3 - Agentry - See SAP KBA # 2048221
  2. Quick Start Guide to install SAP Work Manager 6.1 with SMP 3.0 - Agentry - See SAP KBA # 2060561
  3. Quick Start Guide to install SAP Work Manager 6.2 with SMP 3.0 - Agentry - See SAP KBA # 2153990
  4. Quick Start Guide for SAP Work Manager 6.3 is similar to Work Manager 6.2 above - See Blog WM 6.3

# You may need to access your SAP account to properly view the KBA link above.

Special Note:

  • SAP Inventory Manager 4.0 (with SMP 3.0 - Agentry) also follows the same quick start guide as of SAP Work Manager 6.1 (Names of files or mobile product is different but it has the same flow)
    • Needs Mandatory SAP note: 2016236 - Mobile configuration panel changes for SAP Inventory Manager 4.0 to make the sync work

Additional References (Mandatory SAP back-end setup):

Users are expected to setup the SAP back-end add-on. Please set it up prior to running or following the Quick Start Guide above (please read any special mandatory patches as discussed below).

Others Information:

As this is a living document, you may bookmark this for future updates on Quick Start Guides.

If you have any feedback we could use it to further enhance our products or documentation. Rating each of the Quick Start Guide will help us understand if you need more of it.

Best Regards,

Mark Pe

SAP Platinum Support Engineer (Mobility)