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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
At SAP TechEd 2023 in Bangalore, you've seen many cool new technologies in the SAP Business Technology Platform presented during the keynote. And the Terraform provider for SAP BTP was part of that keynote as well (announced some months ago).

But what you might have missed is a great feature available now in SAP Discovery Center! This feature uses the Terraform provider for SAP BTP to let you quickly set up your SAP BTP accounts for a SAP Discovery Center mission.

SAP has integrated this feature into the mission "Keep the Core Clean Using SAP Build Apps with SAP S/4HANA". Once you log in and start the mission, you will see a card called "Quick Account Setup".

This lets you either launch an SAP BTP Booster to quickly setup your account for the mission or you can download the Terraform script that the Booster is using. This is of specific interest for DevOps teams who want to integrate such Terraform scripts into their CI/CD pipelines.

Moving forward, SAP will add the "Quick Account Setup" for more and more missions, which enables you to not only deploy such missions in your SAP BTP account automatically, but more importantly, let's you understand in code how your SAP BTP infrastructure is set up for the various missions.

You can look as well into the Terraform scripts we have pulled together for you on GitHub (checkout the released folder) to use with the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for missions to come with this new feature.