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This blog describes about Query the BusinessObjects repository using BI Platform REST API.

API Details:

API URL http://<host>:<port>/biprws/v1/cmsquery
Data Formats Application/JSON, Application/XML
Headers x-sap-logontoken

This RWS API introduced from SAP BOE 4.2 SP03.

Using cmsquery REST API one can easily query the BusinessObjects repository and get the required information which is similar to Query Builder. (AdminTools URL : http://<host>:<port>/AdminTools ) but using REST API the result will be in XML/JSON format.

To explain more in detail, BusinessObjects repository made up of set of tables to hold the information about the BI content such as Universes, reports, Users, schedules, etc. These tables are encrypted in such a way that the information stored in these tables cannot be readable using conventional SQL query tools. This is the place where cmsquery REST API comes in to picture where in which this is the one and only door step through which we can query the metadata stored in the repository.


The repository information is stored in the form of InfoObject and the CMS reads the InfoObjects from the virtual tables. Below are the BusinessObjects metadata virtual tables and their associated objects.

Table Description Type of Objects in Table
CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS InfoObjects that the BI Platform uses User, User Group, Server, Server Group,Folder, Connection, Calendar,Event
CI_APPOBJECTS InfoObjects that are used by documents Universe
CI_INFOOBJECTS InfoObjects that are consumed by the end user WebI, Crystal Report, FullClient, PowerPoint, Pdf, Excel, Word, Rtf, Txt,Program, Shortcut

No need of any special rights to use this REST API ( Admin must enable to use Restful Web services application to user in CMC applications).The response of this API contains the data based on user rights.

Note: Using cmsquery REST API user can only query the information stored in the CMS database not from the File repository files.

Basic properties of InfoObject:

InfoObject property Description
SI_ID Integer - Unique id generated for the Infobject within the environment
SI_NAME String - Name of the InfoObject
SI_KIND String - Type of the Infoobject
SI_CUID String - Cluster Unique Identifier of the InfoObject
SI_GUID String - Global Unique Identifier of the InfoObject
SI_RUID String - Unique id of the Infobject within the Object package
SI_PARENTID Integer - Parent Objects SI_ID
SI_OWNERID Integer - SI_ID of the InfoObject’s owner
SI_CREATION_TIME Date and Time - Creation time of InfoObject
SI_UPDATE_TS Date and Time - Last updated time of InfoObject


API WorkFlows (XML and JSON):

HTTP Method: GET  Data format : JSON

HTTP Method: POST  Data format : JSON

Response in JSON format:

HTTP Method: GET  Data format : XML


HTTP Method: POST  Data format : XML

Response in XML format:


Get x-sap-logontoken (Authectication):

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