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Usually, when Defining a BW Query we would have the Characteritics in Rows and Key Figures in Columns

However, it is quite possible that there is a need to have a characteristic in the Column Axis.

Like, in the below example, where the Characteristic "CTRY_A1", is in Column Axis of the query definition and hence the resultant query view is as below

In the above view, the "Overall Result" is seen on the Right side

If there is a requirement that the results should be seen first (left side), instead of the individual values, we can change the setting in the Query Designer to make this happen

In the Eclipse Editor of the BW Query, navigate to the "General" Tab, "Result Location", for "Columns" option, select "Left"

After saving and re-executing the query, the query results will be as seen below - where the "Overall Results" are seen first (on the left hand side)


(a) In BEx Query Designer, this setting is seen in the Properties of the Query, in "Rows/Columns" tab.

(b) In Web Java Runtime, to make this setting, invoke the context menu on the Characteristic which is in Column Axis, select "Properties" -> "Axis". In the "Column Axis Properties" dialog, under "Data Formatting" tab, for "Result Position" option, select "Left"

Thank you

Aneesh Kumar