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In the last blog on inprovement of the Planning Engine BPC Embedded Model  with BW 7.50 SP4 we mentioned the possiblities to create local query in following use cases.

  1. Build new queries

    1. . On existing central provider

      • aDSO, Cube, DSO

      • central composite provider

    2. On local provider

  2. Extend central IT query

    1. Reporting Query

    2. Plan Query

However, the local query also modelled in the BPC web admin is still a query which needs to be modeled. In principle it is aquivalent as the central to the report builder in the EPM client for the standard model.

But there is also a way to build those reports in AO by starting from the default query of any InfoProvider like cube or aDSO. You can choose then in AO the drill down, select the relevant members you want to see and add local formulas or restricitions.

For central InfoProvider this is shown in following video .

Often I hear that you still need a central modeled object and cannot start with excel files directly. Already with BPC10.1 based on BW 7.4 we offer the local provider. A user can upload local csv files and create a local provider and then start the reporting on top of this from AO. This is very pragmatic approach for fast prototyping.

It is shown in following video as example.

In case of planning even an aggregation level on lowest level can be generated and used for input ready reports

Is this enough to build good reports. I honestly do not know yet but you might provide me some feedback on how far once can get. Just try it out. Best is to use one of the latest build of AO to also use newest features like local created restrictions.