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Answers come in many shapes and sizes

We like to provide answers here in the community. Answers come in many different forms, from responses to questions in Q&A, blog posts, and resources on community topic pages, to interacting with fellow members via comments, private messaging, and virtual events such as SAP Community Calls.

Beyond what you might find in the local search, answers abound in our extended community in places such as Developer Center and GitHub. The Developer Center is loaded with step-by-step tutorials that can help you understand very specific aspects of a product you're working with, while the SAP Samples organization on GitHub has a growing number of repositories that likewise offer educational tidbits and solutions to problems.

Sample code repositories might help you understand features of an SAP product, solve a particular issue, or even suggest use cases or scenarios that would explain how to use the product in the first place :). As the person who manages the release of assets in this repository of repositories, I can tell that my colleagues are diligently working to answer questions related to SAP BTP that perhaps haven’t even been asked yet.

As you can see from the most recent additions below, they’re also sharing samples that demonstrate how to build apps with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, fun things to do with SAP Analytics Cloud, and how to build extensions with other tools and services.

GitHub repositories continue to be an excellent delivery channel for educational materials, such as supporting apps/code/exercises for openSAP courses on SAP Fiori Elements and DevOps, content related to the recent UI5con event, and work that supports the publication of a security research paper.

The point is, answers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you might just find one in a “sample” repository.

Samples Published in Q2 2021

Have a look at the two dozen repos published in the last few months.

Repository Name Description Key Contributor(s)
Commerce Migration Toolkit SAP Commerce extensions to support data migrations to SAP Commerce Cloud. Cyrill Pedol
Developing and Extending SAP Fiori Elements Apps openSAP Samples Hands-on exercises for the free openSAP course Developing and Extending SAP Fiori Elements Apps. stefan.engelhardt
Efficient DevOps with SAP openSAP Sample - Project "Piper" Pipeline SAP Cloud Application Programming Model sample application used in the openSAP course Efficient DevOps with SAP. Tom Bendrath
Extend SAP S/4HANA Business Processes on SAP BTP by Leveraging DevOps SAP S/4HANA on premise extension application using SAP BTP, SAP Event Mesh, and SAP Cloud Connector. Leveraging DevOps services for Application Lifecycle Management. iinside, Harut Ter-Minasyan
Fulfillment Tracking Apps for SAP Logistics Business Network, Global Track and Trace Option Contains implementation sample code and relevant documentation that shows how to integrate external systems such as SAP ERP with standard apps of the SAP Logistics Business Network, global track and trace option to build a tracking application. alvin_fan, William Mao, Wilson Wang
How to Leverage the SAP Event Mesh from SAP BTP, ABAP Environment Sample code providing an ABAP abstraction layer on top of the SAP BTP Event Mesh REST API, which allows ABAP developers to quickly and easily interact with the SAP BTP Event Mesh. rich.heilman
Identifiability Scores for Differentially Private Deep Learning Sample code to reproduce the research done in the paper “Quantifying identifiability to choose and audit epsilon in differentially private deep learning" by the SAP Security Research team. Daniel Bernau
Integrated Order Management Cockpit - SAP BTP Use Case SAP BTP use case of Node.js, SAPUI5, Cloud Foundry, and SAP HANA Cloud replicated from legacy systems like ECC or S/4HANA. kyungwoo.hyunroy.jin
Multi-tenant FAQ Management Application on SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime The FAQ management service allows customers to manage a list of frequently asked questions through an SAP Fiori interface. For this, it leverages multiple SAP technologies such as the Kyma runtime, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), SAP Application Router, Luigi, Fundamental Vue, and SAP Fiori elements. mariusobert
Sample Classes for Using Document Management Service, Integration Option in the SAP BTP ABAP Environ... Sample ABAP classes for consuming the SAP Document Management, Integration Option. Former Member
SAP Analytics Cloud "Data to Value" Generator This project contains Node.js scripts and Microsoft Excel templates for creating realistic sample fact data in SAP Analytics Cloud or other data sources. james.rapp
SAP Analytics Cloud User and Team Provisioning SCIM API Sample Scripts Collection of sample scripts developed as collections in Postman. This provides a means for customers to use the SAP Analytics Cloud SCIM API out of the box.
SAP BTP Blockchain Theta SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment multi-target application demonstrating NodeJS interface library to Theta blockchain with off-chain micropayment support. andrew.lunde
SAP CAP Advocates Service with SAP HANA Cloud Persistence and iOS App Project This sample repository contains the project files for the Advocates Service CAP project as well as the Advocates App written with the SAP BTP SDK for iOS. kevin.muessig
SAP Gateway Foundation - OData V4 Code-based Implementation Samples Collection of sample code to show how services based on OData V4 can be build using the SAP Gateway OData V4 framework. andre.fischer
SAP Graph Example Apps Example apps using the SAP Graph API. florian.moritz
SAP Graph Sample Model Pack Example configuration for SAP Graph, containing a mini model with Customer, CustomerOrder, CustomerQuote, Product, plus instructions for connecting this to sandbox systems. ralf.handl, Martin Sprengel
SAP Sales Cloud Extension - Account Address Verification SAP Sales Cloud Account address verification, a cloud-based solution, acts as an extension of SAP Sales Cloud, running on the SAP Business Technology Platform. It uses SAP BTP, Kyma runtime and is powered by Kyma serverless functions and event-based communication. nnicora
SAP SuccessFactors Extension on BTP for Japan This project contains full-stack SAP SuccessFactors extension apps that demonstrate the implementation of a Cloud Foundry application in the context of extending the Japanese-specific "Tamatsuki-Jinji" process. r-asai, Ryoko Yoshiba
SAP SuccessFactors Extension using DocuSign An extension to SAP SuccessFactors powered by event notifications, integrated with DocuSign, electronically signed documents capabilities, that delivers a seamless and secure document full-fill process from end to end. nnicora
Small TypeScript UI5 Example App Showcase of a TypeScript setup for developing UI5 applications. andreas.kunz
Tool for Offline Development of SAP Data Intelligence Operators Enables SAP Data Intelligence custom operator download for testing and enhancing and uploading it again. A code generator is added as well. thorsten.hapke
Welcome to the CAP SFLIGHT App Using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and SAP Fiori elements to build a simple travel management app, both with Node.js and Java. iwona.hahndaniel.hutzeljohannesvogelsteffen.weinstock
XSUAA Golang Client Library Sample for SAP Business Technology Platform Example of a client library in Golang for application developers requiring authentication and authorization information from SAP Cloud Foundry XSUAA in their application. The library is used to obtain token information like user name, user attributes, and audiences. jeffrey.groneberg

New Spotlights

We’ve also added three new episodes to the series that takes a closer look at some of the most popular sample code repositories by interviewing their main contributors. Actually dj.adams does the interviewing, while I smile along pleasantly.

Check out the latest videos from our SAPdevs YouTube channel.

SAP Samples Spotlight, Episode 3: UI5 Service Worker

In this SAP Samples Spotlight hear from tobiassorn85, author of the UI5 Service Worker, a repository that demonstrates how the Service Worker API could be used in a UI5 app to realize different caching strategies.

SAP Samples Spotlight Episode 4: Access SAP HANA Cloud Database Underneath SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Here we peer into part of an SAP BTP showcase series by christiano.hage.

SAP Samples Spotlight Episode 5: Improve Business Processes with SAP Workflow Management

Hear from archana.shukla about these sample applications built to demonstrate the usage of SAP Workflow service.

That’s a (quarterly) wrap

There are dozens and dozens of repositories that might hold answers for you if you didn't find one here - visit the SAP Samples organization on GitHub for more.