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Q - the easy Installer for SAP IQ


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Beginning with 2019, the request for the Installation of SAP (Sybase) IQ grow for several reasons, everyone can understand also followed by the message - SAP Commitment to On-Premise SAP IQ Customers (May 2020)




    • better TCO for in-memory applications - GrayMatter



    • System Properties Comparison SAP HANA vs. SAP IQ - DB Engines



Beside that, other bullet points came into the consideration:



Since 2013 the SAP First Guidance - SAP NLS Solution with SAP IQ 16.x became the "Almanack" and Blue Print for SAP IQ Database Implementations, despite for SAP or native usage.

Overview - SAP NLS Solution for BW(4) - Overview 2021

Note 2780668 - SAP First Guidance - BW NLS Implementation with SAP IQ
Note 3017355 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP04 PLx - correct SAPIQDB.cfg settings
Note 3094594 - Enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT
Note 3085053 - Landscape Considerations for NLS and ILM
Note 3119008 - Configure SAP IQ and HANA for SDA/ODBC
Note 3196447 - troubleshooting an existing SAP IQ 16.x Implementation for NLS/DTO and ILM

Imagine now, there is a simple routine based on the SAPHostAgent to install SAP (Sybase) IQ 16.x with three input values:

    • <SID> (What, also IQ get's a SAP <SID>?)


    • Instance Number (what's about port 2638?)


    • Size of DB in GB (including all sizing considerations)

even more, to solve all mysteries around the usage there is the following source available:

Blog - demystifying NLS/ILM error messages …


enable HTTPS Port 1129 for the SAP Host Agent

either you call the SAPHostAgent via HTTP Port 1128 or HTTPS Port 1129
SAP Help - Configuring SSL for SAP Host Agent on UNIX

or run the following command (same setup as for the SL Container Bridge)

check that NO secondary sapadm user is logged on to the server via ADS!

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe # ./saphostexec -install

# optional TLS 1.2 since PL57 for 7.22

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe # ./saphostexec -setup tls12

# check the correct settings for /tmp

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe # mount | grep "/tmp"

/dev/mapper/vg_sys_r1-tmp on /tmp type ext4 (rw,nodev,noexec,noatime,data=ordered)

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe #

# check the correct execution of the SAPHostAgent webmethods (*.conf)

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe # saphostctrl -host <hostname> -function ExecuteOperation -name versioninfo

Webmethod returned successfully

Operation ID: 5CF3FCDCB65C1EDD9281CCF3DEC085A5

Info: Retrieve version info: Linux

Info: saphostcontrol: exitcode=0

Info: saphostcontrol: 'Retrieve version info' successfully executed

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe #


add/check the following parameter to the file host_profile and restart the SAPHostAgent

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe # vi host_profile

service/admin_users = sapadm <sid>adm

service/disable_capability = ExecuteOperation/PermissionPolicy

saphostagent/ssl_setup = true

ssl/server_pse = /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sec/SAPSSLS.pse

server:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe # ./saphostexec -restart


now it is possible to call the SAPHostAgent on HTTPS Port 1129

#create the url on host via:

echo https://$(hostname -f):1129/NLSSetup/prepare


If you still have trouble with the execution see the  - SAP Host Agent Troubleshooting Guide


the Answer: Q - the easy Installer for SAP IQ



Q introduces to James ...

the following picture shows the Setup of - Q - which is actually the same Installation Procedure as the SAP Datahub SL Container Bridge Architecture ...


Q - overall process of functionality


Version v0.75(s) uses "standard" values for IQ Block and Page Size



Q - enter the three values

SAP IQ Hardware Sizing Guide – The Complete Memory Picture

Please Note: the latest Version for IQ 16.1 is SP04 PL14 (end of Support)
IQ 16.1 SP05 PL08 (the latest Version)
for SAP NLS and ILM scenarios, also update the IQ Network Client to the latest Version.

Note 3233538 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP04 PL14 (Build 17091) Release Notes Information
Note 3233571 - SAP IQNC 16.1 SP04 PL14 (Build 17091) Release Notes Information

Note 3315581 - SAP IQ 16.1 SP05 PL08 (Build 12790) Release Notes Information
Note 3315550 - SAP IQNC 16.1 SP05 PL08 (Build 12790) Release Notes Information

In case the /tmp Directory is mounted as read-only then follow the steps in the Note
Note 2104632 - ./setup.bin raises warning /tmp does not have enough disk space! - SAP IQ
Note 3218186 – Error: Create new (IQ) database from utility database fails

# in case for a manual IQ binary Installation or upgrade

server:/ebf29137 # export IATEMPDIR=/sapmnt/tmp

server:/ebf29137 # export DISPLAY= 10.123.456.789:0.0

server:/ebf29137 # ./setup.bin

Preparing to install

Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...

Unpacking the JRE...

Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...

Configuring the installer for this system's environment...

Launching installer...


The SAPHostAgent uses a routine called "sapinstancebuilder" which creates a complete file system structure equally to an existing SAP Systems like SAP HANA or SAP BW/ERP/etc.


You can always watch the progress of the IQ Installation in the URL of the Browser




/usr/sap/watch -d du -sh <SID>/*

/sapmnt/watch -d du -sh <SID>/*

or alternatively in the SAPHostAgent working directory

/usr/sap/hostctrl/work # tail -f nls.execution.status




create DSN (.odbc.ini) with iqdsn

Once the IQ Database Installation is finished, you can use the I-SQL Windows Client to connect to the Database and Check the status with the sp procedures.

SAP IQ allows you with the sql tool iqdsn to create a DSN entry directly in the file .odbc.ini located in the home directory of the SAP IQ Administrator.

Note 2285881 - How to Enable ODBC Connection Tracing in SAP IQ


sq1adm@hostname:/usr/sap/SQ1/data/db> iqdsn -y -w iq_utility -c "UID=DBA;PWD=Sybase4me;



iqdsn -y -w hostname_SQ1_11 -c "UID=DBA;PWD=Sybase4me;DatabaseName=SAPIQDB;


Configuration "hostname_SQ1_11" written to file /usr/sap/SQ1/home/.odbc.ini

sq1adm@hostname:/usr/sap/SQ1/data/db> dbping -d -c dsn=hostname_SQ1_11

Connected to SQL Anywhere server

Ping database successful.

sq1adm@hostname:/usr/sap/SQ1/data/db> iqdsn -l -b

SAP IQ Data Source Utility Version

SAP IQ User Data Sources:






dbisql -c "uid=SAPSQ1USR;pwd=Sybase4me;DSN=hostname_SQ1_11;logfile=connect_SQ1.txt" -nogui







sp_iqdbspaceobjectinfo USER0001;


sq1adm@hostname:/usr/sap/SQ1/data/db> dbvalid -c "uid=DBA;pwd=Sybase4me;DSN=hostname_SQ1_11"

SQL Anywhere Validation Utility Version

WARNING: database being validated was not started read-only




VALIDATE TABLE "rs_systabgroup"."rs_lastcommit"

VALIDATE TABLE "rs_systabgroup"."rs_threads"

No errors reported



If for any reason it is not possible to connect to the IQ Database with the Windows Client, you can also directly call the Interface with the tool dbisql (also with the usage of the DSN above)

Blog - Increasing the SAP-NLS Performance


prepare the SSL/TLS IQ Setup

if you want to enable an encrypted SAP IQ Database with SSL/TLS support, it is suitable to include the following software components to the IQ installation environment



if you want to install a newer version of openssl to the existing OS Version do as follows:

### Unix / Linux / macOS - download from

/opt/openssl/> tar -xvf openssl-3.0.4.tar.gz

/opt/openssl/openssl-3.0.4> ./Configure 

/opt/openssl/openssl-3.0.4> make

/opt/openssl/openssl-3.0.4> make install

/opt/openssl/openssl-3.0.4> ldconfig -v

/opt/openssl/openssl-3.0.4> openssl version -v

OpenSSL 3.0.4 21 Jun 2022 (Library: OpenSSL 3.0.4 21 Jun 2022)


prepare the SSL scenario

Note 3093731 - How to set up TLS (Transport Layer Security) in SAP IQ16.X -- SAP IQ
Note 2117279 - SAP IQ: How to generate CSR for third party trusted CA (VeriSign)

Q - the easy SAP IQ Database Installer is creating this now automatically.


createcert -x -ca 1 -co rsaroot.crt -ko rsaroot.key -kp changeit -io dummy -scn "IQ Certification Authority" -so "IQ, Inc." -sou "IQ Signing Department" -sl "Walldorf" -sst "ON" -sc "CA" -3des -v 10 -u 6,7 -b 2048 -m "101"

createcert -ca 0 -co dummy1 -ko dummy2 -kp changeit -io -c rsaroot.crt -ck rsaroot.key -cp changeit -scn "hostname.fqdn" -so "IQ Inc." -sou "IQ Accounts" -sl "Walldorf" -sst "ON" -sc "CA" -3des -v 10 -u 1,3 -b 2048 -m "102"

sq1adm@hostname:/usr/sap/SQ1/data/db> dir

-rwxrwxr-x 1 sq1adm sapsys    1436 Jul 26 13:47 rsaroot.crt

-rwxrwxr-x 1 sq1adm sapsys    4729 Jul 26 13:47

-rwxrwxr-x 1 sq1adm sapsys    1874 Jul 26 13:47 rsaroot.key


or use the Tutorial - Set Up Transport Layer Security (TLS) in SAP IQ


SSL logon with I-SQL to IQ



SSL encrypted remote source IQ - HANA


connect to a SSL/TLS encrypted SAP IQ Database via dbisql has to be enhanced:

dbisql -c "uid=DBA;pwd=Sybase4me;eng=hostname_<SID_<nr>;LINKS=TCPIP;


skip_certificate_name_check=on)" -nogui


the SAP IQ Remote Source had to be enhanced as well (Extra Adapter Properties):







the DBCO String is also enhanced for the SSL/TLS usage:

SYBASE_SERVER=hostname.fqdn SYBASE_PORT=3<nr>38 SYBASE_IQ_ENGINE=hostname_<SID>_<nr> 

SYBASE_DBNAME=SAPIQDB SYBASE_SSL=1 skip_certificate_name_check=yes 




the new DBACOCKPIT for IQ

As Flash is not longer available from Adobe since end of 2020, the SAP IQ COCKPIT cannot be used anymore as of now. If your Company is not Blocking Flash System Wide, simply use the Waterfox Browser to continue.

You can use the improved and extended IQ Monitoring with Transaction DBACOCKPIT.

Blog - enable SAP IQ for DBACOCKPIT

Note 3223681 – New features for DBACOCKPIT on SAP IQ (cumulative Release)
contains the TCI for SAP_BASIS releases 750 SP11-SP25 and 753 SP00-SP09
for SAP Basis 7.56 (BW/4 2021) the new DBACOCKPIT for IQ is part of the SAP Basis 7.56 SP03


tx. DBACOCKPIT - create/trigger IQ events



tx. DBACOCKPIT - check the IQ license



tx. DBACOCKPIT - check the IQ config file


the SAP BW(/4) nearline storage configuration

Blog - SAP-NLS Solution for SAP BW based on SAP IQ. For the SAP-NLS Implementation finally, you have to call some transactions in the SAP BW(/4) backend:


    • DBCO => depending on the scenario additional work for SDA is necessary


    • RSDANLCON => create the NLS storage target


    • DBACOCKPIT => reuse the DBCO connection to monitor the Database within BW(/4)


    • RSOADSODTO => cold store usage with BW/4




the SAP S/4 ILM Store configuration


Blog - SAP ILM based on SAP IQ Database
For the SAP ILM Implementation finally, you have to call some transactions in the SAP S/4 backend:

    • SICF => configure Web Services


    • ILMSTOREADM => ILM Store Administration


    • WEBGUI => for Web Dynpro only Functions, like SFW5 or AS_AFB


    • SARA => Archive Administration


    • SARI => Archive Information System




The needed files can be found in the Document - SAP First Guidance - Q - the easy SAP IQ Database Installer - please contact



Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics, SAP SE


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