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Thanks to all the customers who joined the SAP Portal Road Map session (DEV805) at SAP TechEd 2020, covering the SAP Portal portfolio including the Portal, Launchpad and SAP Work Zone.

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Please find below selected questions asked during the session, and the answers to these questions.

In case you missed the session, you can still watch the session recording. In addition, I would like to recommend watching the following sessions:

Questions & answers


Is the central launchpad approach still the future direction recommended by SAP?

Yes, indeed. SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad is SAP’s direction to build a central, harmonized and integrated entry point for the Intelligent Enterprise. I recommend reading the following overview presentation and Solution Brief.

Are the showed slides available for a download?

In the following link you can view the SAP Cloud Platform Portal and SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad Road Maps.

Will latest SAPUI5 versions be supported in future releases of the Fiori Framework Page on the on-premise SAP Enterprise Portal?

SAPUI5 1.71 is planned to be the latest SAPUI5 long-term maintenance release delivered for the Fiori Framework Page on the SAP Enterprise Portal. See more details in the SAP Note 2261419.

Is a SuccessFactors consultant able to deploy the solution (SAP Work Zone) or additional resources are needed?

SAP Work Zone requires dedicated license, hence before starting to implement one should obtain the required license for the product.

What's the difference between SAP Work Zone and SAP Work Zone for HR ?

The main difference between the two flavors of SAP Work Zone is that with SAP Work Zone for HR, pre-packaged extensible HR business content is delivered.

What is the difference between cFLP which is part of the Portal service and the new Launchapd Service. I am using cFLP on Cloud Portal, do I need to change and use Launchpad service now?

As you can see in the roadmap for the SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad and the SAP Could Platform Portal – both products share the same roadmap. Customers can build a central entry point Launchpad with both products. At the same time, we do recommend for the long term to leverage the new Launchpad service (see blog explaining how to achieve this).

Also please note that the key differences between the Portal service and Launchpad service are that the Launchpad service does not include freestyle sites capabilities and option to develop Launchpad Module (replaced with the new Managed Application Runtime option).

Nowadays standard SAP Fiori Cloud apps are only available on Neo, will those standard apps be available on Cloud Foundry / Multi-Cloud environment?

No, we do not plan to make these apps available in the multi-cloud environment. The long-term direction for customers is to align with the new Launchpad service architecture (see more details in the following slide deck).

How about SAP Conversational AI integration?

Integration of the Launchpad service with SAP Conversation AI is planned for 2021. A ‘lean’ integration that does not include access to the content of the app running in the launchpad can already be achieved today via a Shell Plug-in.

Will CPEA customers be able to consume their credits for SAP Work Zone?

Yes, we plan to enable SAP Work Zone also in CPEA.

With SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad, is it possible to link portal role directly with on-premise role?

Yes, with the new SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad customers can consume roles / content defines in the back-end systems into the Launchpad running in the cloud. See more details in the documentation.

Is it possible to receive the recording after this session?

Yes, the recording is available in the following link.

Will launchpad in SCP allow links as well as tiles (like with on-premise FLP)? As far as I can tell it isn't possible at the moment

This is planned as part of the product roadmap.

Is SAP Work Zone available on trial?

Not yet, it is on our product roadmap for 2021.

Is it possible to export Portal content and import it to the new Launchpad?

Yes, this is possible. Please see the following blog.


In case you have additional questions, please post them in our SAP Portal Community and we will do our best to clarify any open question.

Wishing you all safe & healthy holiday season!