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Innovations in information technology usually spark discussion. But revolutions ignite a whole new level of talk – the breadth and depth of which often triggers businesses to give more serious consideration to the benefits the technology could have in store for them. And as the buzz over the technology increases, so does the desire of businesses to start using it.

SAP HANA – an in-memory computing platform that brings lightening-speed, real-time functionally to analytics, business applications, and data services – is one such technology. After all, what retailer wouldn’t want to predict what customers want just days before they want it – and then perform real-time inventory analysis across 100 stores to make sure the right items are in the right places? And what hospital wouldn’t want to analyze terabytes of data in just seconds so its doctors have the information they need to make accurate, on-the-spot decisions about patient treatment?

So, how does a company that’s ready to take strategic aim on a technology as broad in scope as SAP HANA get started?

Start by asking the right questions

The SAP Services organization suggests that a business can best start the journey to SAP HANA by asking some fundamental questions. First and foremost is: Where can SAP HANA bring the most value to my business? Do you need real-time analytics data to help keep operations running economically while your business grows? Or will putting more speed behind a specific business process offer the most benefit. Or maybe the answer lies in lifting the technical limitations preventing you from building a custom application.

SAP HANA offers a wealth of implementation and deployment options, so answers to the natural follow-up questions, What type of SAP HANA implementation do I need? and What’s the best deployment option for my business?, will help set the stage for taking strategic next steps.

Mapping out the strategy

Once you answer the questions, it’s time to set the wheels of business progress in real motion by executing a variety strategic activities. Creating an implementation road map, engaging with stakeholders, and assessing technical details, like the influence of current systems on your chosen deployment option, are all part and parcel of making a revolutionary technology like SAP HANA a familiar part of your everyday business.

More details

You’ll find more details and additional resources in the interactive flipbook from SAP Services, “Your SAP HANA Journey.”

And check out other services available from SAP to help you plan, deploy, and optimize an investment in SAP HANA.