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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
A lot of people have asked me about a public site showing the pre-built content for SAP Build, and now it seems to have arrived.

SAP Build Content Catalog

I know there have been a bunch of blogs that mention it – especially ENKHZUL SUKHBAYAR's blog on the latest features of SAP Build Process Automation – but I wanted to highlight this one feature separately.

My opinion: This is one of the best parts of SAP Build Process Automation. I wanted to learn how to create an automation bot to send Outlook emails? I created a project from the Outlook SDK template, and within 5 minutes I had an automation bot that worked.

The public store lets people who do not have access to the SAP Build lobby, or perhaps whose company has not yet purchased SAP BTP or SAP Build, to see the large content that comes with SAP Build

What's in the store?

As I mentioned above, there's all kinds of templates for:

  • Automation bots

  • Processes (workflows)

  • Actions (projects to enable access to SAP or other external systems, including for updating)

  • ... and even a few SAP Business Application Studio projects.

There are also over 70 "Learning Content" projects, designed to teach you how to use the product, often as part of tutorial series. You can quickly load the project and learn, as I did with the Outlook project above.

If you do have access to the SAP Build lobby, you can access the store there.

You can then select a project and create a project based on the template by clicking Add.

Currently, this is made up of mostly either business processes and automation bots. It seems only natural that over time there will also be SAP Build Apps content – like new controls, projects, formulas, styles and themes, data resources, logic flows, and flow functions.

Have You Used the Store?

Let me know if you used the store, what projects were especially helpful and why, and anything else you'd like to see.