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As a new developer intern, I was given the task to explore the SAP Analytics Cloud by creating a story about COVID-19 exposures in Greater Vancouver. Learning to navigate the program helped me understand the product and its functions. This COVID-19 public exposure story can hopefully also help inform the SAP Vancouver Lab and the greater public on when and where official cases have been recorded.


  1. Retrieved and edited data from BC Centre of Disease control, COVID-19 Public Exposures.*October 11, 2020:

  2. Created Google Sheets with the aggregated data:

  3. Wrangled the data to offer useful information for the story creation.

  4. Created a story to visualize the exposure cases.

Regional Public Exposure Wrangled Data

Travel Public Exposure Wrangled Data

Wrangling Features used:

  • SAC’s support for data sources like Google Drive offers instant data updates to the story. This is highly useful as the data is dynamic and requires frequent updates as more cases are recorded.

  • The geo enrichment feature is useful for creating the maps shown in these stories by linking cases to latitudes and longitudes, resulting in a map of COVID-19 cases.

  • Time series charts are created by plotting date dimension against cases.

  • Transforms like trim, split, concatenate, filter, replace and custom transforms provide options to convert the data into useful information ready for story creation.

Regional Exposure Story

The story shows the 138 reported cases, compared by region, charted over time and located on a map by location type.

Travel Exposure Story

The story shows the 282 reported travel cases, compared by travel carrier, charted over time and located on a map identifying the travel path, origin and destination.

SAP Analytics Cloud provided the opportunity to transform and visualize COVID-19 public exposure data in a quick and meaningful way. AI-supported features like smart wrangling and smart discovery helped to highlight story points and explore interesting data trends.

Exploring the SAP Analytics Cloud through creating a story familiarized me with the product, and better prepared me for tasks in my internship.

I hope you find this story useful and informative as we continue navigating through this pandemic.

Stay safe!