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You can provision your instance of HANA One with either 1-Click Launch or with the Amazon EC2 console.


Note: When you create an account, you are automatically signed up for all AWS services. However, you will only be charged for the services you use.


  1. Order SAP HANA One on AWS Marketplace.

  2. Select AWS Instance type:  cc2.8xlarge,  c3.8xlarge, c4.8xlarge (for 60 GB) , r3.4xlarge for 122 GB and r3.8xlarge for 244 GB.

  1. Provision your SAP HANA One instance with either 1-Click Launch or with the Amazon EC2 console.

    • 1-Click Launch allows you to quickly launch with the recommended default options, such as security groups and instance types. You can also view your estimated monthly bill.

    • The EC2 Console allows more options, such as launching in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) or using Spot Instances.

SAP HANA One 1-Click Launch

  1. Select the 1-Click Launch tab from the SAP HANA One page and review the default settings.

    1. Note: By default, the latest version is pre-selected for you. We recommend always launching with the latest version unless you really need a previous version.

  1. Choose VPC (recommended) / EC2 classic.

  2. Expand Firewall Settings and choose "Create new based on seller settings" to accept the default port settings.4. For security reasons, only the following ports are open by default:

      1. port 22 for SSH

      2. port 80 for http

      3. port 443 for https

      4. port 60555 for Portal to HANA communication

    5. Additional required ports can be opened when you configure the server using the SAP HANA One Portal Console. We recommend you restrict the security           group policies to only IP addresses for systems that will be communicating with SAP HANA instance.

    6. Note: Important Change in managing Your AWS Secret Access Keys (since April 21, 2014).

    7. During HANA One provisioning, 3 options available to use AWS credentials.

      1. Use existing AWS credentials (If the credentials are active and known to you).

      2. Create a new AWS credentials, if you don't know the credentials or don't have any existing credentials. You can have a maximum of two access keys (active or inactive) at a time.
        Get your Access and Secret Key Pair at Your Security Credentials -> Access keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access key) on

      3. Recommended option: As a best practice, we recommend creating an IAM userthat has Access keys.
        Note: The Permission policies are different for different HANA One Revisions

    8. Review the Version, Region, and EC2 Instance Type and change your selections as needed.

    9. Monitor the provisioning process in the AWS Management Console.

    10. Click the Access Software link.

    SAP HANA One EC2 Console Launch

    1. On the SAP HANA One Portal page, select the Launch with EC2 Console tab, then select an AMI version.

    2.  Review the Firewall Settings, Installation Instructions, and Release Notes then clickLaunch with EC2 Console.

    3.  In EC2 console, launch your AMI using the Request Instance Wizard.

    In case of VPC, select the right vpc as shown below

    It is recommended to set the "Auto-assign-Public-IP" while launching the instance.

    4.  Monitor the provisioning process in the AWS Management Console. Your SAP HANA One Portal instance is up and running when status shows 2/2      checks passed.

    Now the HANA One Instance is launched and can be configured using steps at Configuring SAP HANA One

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