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Enterprises are facing challenges in customer service area.

While a typical customer journey includes a variety of interaction points, customer service interactions are among the most critical. They have the power to either strengthen customer relationships or lead to churn. A negative experience in customer service can have dreadful consequences for business. The customer service centers are facing challenges due to:

  • Increasing complexity and volume of tickets

  • Omni-channel customer engagement creates large volumes of unstructured text data

  • Lack of transparency and visibility into history of ticket resolution hinders informed decision making

  • Labor-intensive and slow resolution of customer service tickets

  • 81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the above challenges.

Service ticket intelligence Overview

As part of SAP AI Business Services, the SAP solution portfolio of intelligent services and applications, SAP created an intelligent business service to automatically categorize incoming service tickets and provide resolution recommendations for the agents. This allows contact centers to expedite problem resolution and scale with the increase of digital service requests. The speed of resolution is important because customers expect their complaints to be addressed quickly, and a 24-hour response window doesn’t necessarily match their expectations. For example, on a social media channel most people expect service responses within an hour.

  • To help companies keep up with customers’ growing expectations, SAP Service Ticket Intelligence application efficiently processes inbound social media posts, e-mails, and other channel interactions. It automatically categorizes customer tickets, proposes solutions and prioritizes the tickets for customer service employees.

  • With SAP Service Ticketing, incoming customers service tickets are automatically classified into their categories and routed to the right agent. The agent receives suggested solutions to response to customer accurately.

Service Ticket Intelligence typical user case system Demo

Customer sent a complaint

Service cloud creates a service ticket for this customer complaint.

Open the ticket.

The Incident Category is filled with the appropriate category implemented with machine learning. For the text received in the email, the service category is proposed as Complaint and the Incident category as Missed Appointment.

Furthermore, we can see that the ticket got identified as Urgent Priority, that the sentiment of the ticket is weak negative.

In addition to this, we can also see the “Similar Tickets Recommended”, in the similar tickets facet as shown below.

Further, we can directly provide a suitable solution by going to Interactions and clicking on Reply All.

We can see that template is auto assigned based on E-mail template recommendation scoring. Send the response.

Get hands-on skills from SAP Discovery Center

Try start a mission in SAP discovery center

User the link to access SAP discovery centre SAP Discovery Center (

If you don’t have a user yet, you can sign up an account for free.

Search for “service ticket intelligence”.

Click the mission tile.

You can start the mission or if you already started the mission, click the top-right link to enter mission details.

Follow steps in the mission to get hands on experience of service ticket intelligence

Discover Basics section provides more informational details to let you know more about SAP discovery center and SAP AI business services. Feel free to explore links within the section as they are optional.

SETUP GUIDE section is a must-do in this mission.

Acquire BTP trial account and prepare POSTMAN

As a preparation for the following steps you have to create a free trial account on the SAP Cloud Platform by completing this tutorial which additionally covers details on the privileges available with Enterprise versus Trial Accounts.

To successfully test the model you have to use a tool called Postman. Please make sure to install and set it up by completing the tutorial which can be found here.

Create BTP service instance for service ticket intelligence

Once you have finished both tutorials your SAP Cloud Platform trial account should look like this:

To continue, you must enter your trial account. If this is your first time entering the Account you have to choose the region and other entitlements. In order to create a service instance for Service Ticket Intelligence please follow this tutorial.

Setting up Postman to Call Service Ticket Intelligence APIs

As your next step you must adjust the Postman environment.

In this tutorial you will import the Postman environment and the Postman collection in order to be able to test the ticket classification and the solution recommendation of service ticket intelligence.

Use Postman to Classify Service Requests

First you have to upload the training data and train your machine learning model. During the training, the machine learning model analyzes and recognizes patterns in your data. Based on these, the model is now able to make own predictions for new incoming data. Depending on the amount of data the training may take some time.

After your model is trained it needs to be activated in order to be able to make predictions.

By following this tutorial you will train and deploy a Service Ticket Intelligence machine learning model. Furthermore the tutorial results in testing the model with test data and receive the prediction of the ticket classification.

The classification prediction contains a confidence score. The higher the value of the confidence score of the prediction, the more reliable is the result. A sample response containing the confidence score can be found here.

Use Postman to Get Solution Recommendations

As you have learned in the previous mission you first will have to train and activate the machine learning model again.

This tutorial guides you through the steps from uploading the training data to being able to test the service and get solution recommendations.

Similar to the ticket classification response, the solution recommendation also contains a confidence score to show which solution may be the most relevant for the agent. A sample response can be found here.

Other available resources

You can click “resource” tab to access more resources available for service ticket intelligence.

Wrap Up

Business Benefits

Automated service ticket classification frees contact center agents from repetitive, tedious tasks, as they can now rely on a prioritized worklist of issues to address. As a result, they can spend more time on customer interactions, improving customer trust and satisfaction for a better business outcome.

Key Benefits:

  • Deliver satisfying customer services

  • Expedite service desk response time

  • Implement flexibility for simple user experiences

  • Higher rates of problem resolution and ticket closure •Simplified customer service processes

  • Improved ability to scale shared services as the business grows due to an increase in digital interactions

For more details regarding this service, please visit Service Catalog.