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Prospecta, SAP Endorsed app partner is a data governance company that specializes in ensuring clean and reliable data for businesses. They understand the critical role that data plays in driving successful business operations and decision-making. By using the analogy of water flowing through plumbing, this LinkedIn article below highlights how data quietly flows beneath systems like SAP until something goes wrong, emphasizing the importance of maintaining clean data.

Prospecta's primary objective is to help companies achieve better data quality. They recognize that even small discrepancies in data, such as misspelled names or slightly different addresses, can lead to significant inaccuracies and inconsistencies. While humans may struggle to spot and fix these errors, computers face similar challenges. This is where Prospecta's expertise in master data and data governance comes in. Their platform, MDO, can identify and rectify various types of master data, including customer data, vendor information, materials, assets, HR records, retail data, and more.

What sets Prospecta apart is their early experience with mining companies, which has provided them with unique insights into heavy-asset industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, metals and mining, utilities, and manufacturing. These industries often deal with complex data related to spare parts, raw materials, and equipment maintenance. Prospecta's MDO platform enables businesses to effectively track and monitor equipment, resulting in cost and time savings, as well as proactive problem prevention.

Being recognized as an SAP Endorsed App in collaboration with SAP's Digital Supply Chain team is a significant achievement for Prospecta. This endorsement allows them to work closely with SAP and provides access to a wide customer base. As a relatively small Australian company, the weight carried by the SAP endorsement strengthens Prospecta's reputation and credibility among potential clients.

The future of data governance is also explored in the article. In the early 2000s, data governance problems were more straightforward and could be automated. However, as solutions became more complex, they required significant financial investments and were mainly adopted by large SAP customers due to their cost and maintenance requirements. Today, the trend is shifting towards self-maintainable and easily configurable solutions. SaaS-based offerings like Prospecta's MDO empower business users to take ownership of data governance, allowing them to modify rules and workflows without extensive IT involvement. This not only reduces costs but also makes data governance solutions more accessible to a broader range of businesses.

In conclusion, Prospecta is dedicated to helping businesses achieve cleaner and more reliable data, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and better-informed decision-making. Their expertise in data cleaning, master data management, and collaboration with SAP positions them as a valuable partner for companies seeking to enhance their data governance strategies and unlock the full potential of their data.

To find out more about Prospecta solution, check them out on the SAP store.

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