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The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) connects SAP development teams with our customers and partners early and regularly. This means you can work hand-in-hand with SAP

development teams on projects and prototypes, helping us to consider your specific requirement based on your feedback. The initiative fosters and enables close interaction between SAP and our customers and partners by providing a structured approach and a legal framework.

The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative gives you early insights and shares product concepts so that you can help shape the future releases of tomorrow’s innovations. It’s a win-win situation.

One of the many CEI projects from 2018 about the topic “Managing the scope of landscape transformation using visual extensions to Maintenance Planner” was finished by the team. We would like to share the highlights of the project here with you:

Project goal

Reason for the project: Managing software changes across a technical system landscape gets more and more complex when heading towards digital transformation. While in the past it was sufficient to focus planning tools on individual systems, this approach is reaching its limits once cloud extensions, Big Data and Machine Learning come into the picture.

Goal: In this project, we wanted to shape and verify the next big advancement of the Maintenance Planner. Based on visual representations of the as-is and to-be landscape, typical services now offered by Maintenance Planner shall be extended to support customers in their transformation projects.

Major activities

  • Workshops to evaluate concepts

  • Feedback Calls

  • Testing

  • Onsite Visits

Key achievements

We collected feedback through various feedback gathering and testing activities.

Topmost Requested Functionality:

  • Auto-Generation of landscape pictures

  • Highly intuitive user experience

  • Highly customizable visual entities

  • Offer dependency management to perform Impact analysis of all kinds of landscape changes

  • Possibility to add connection labels, status and color

  • Legends

  • Extended list of attributes for systems

Shipment vehicle of the results

Hybrid Landscape Visualization is planned to be delivered with the next version of the Maintenance Planner.

The project gave the SAP team the unique opportunity to gather feedback throughout the development cycle, it is still evolving, and the scope is subject to change.

Interested in influencing and helping to shape innovations currently in development with SAP? Find out more details about how to find and register for a CEI project on

Currently we are inviting customers to register for our upcoming CEI project, registrations are open until June 28th 2019: Planning Transformation to Hybrid Landscapes with Maintenance Planner 2.0