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With all of the media coverage surrounding the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, you can't help but be intrigued.  Republican, Democrat or Independent - no matter what your personal views may be, one can assume that most of the population would be exercising their right to vote.  But did you know that under 50% of young and diverse voters (ages 18-24) have been hitting the polls?

The SAP Office of the CEO Diversity Office and SAP University Alliances are pleased to announce the Project Dream: Election 2016 contest - seeking to improve the above trend by increasing the engagement of emerging early talent in the 2016 Presidential election process.

The overall Project Dream mission is to create and execute strategies that will introduce SAP & SAP innovation to a larger base of diverse users and future influencers.   With Project Dream: Election 2016, we believe we have a great opportunity to engage next-generation talent around the biggest political event in the world – The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Inspired by user-centered design, the SAP Project Dream: Election 2016 contest will have early talent analyze past and present elections (using Lumira and other SAP technologies) to discover insights and stories that are exciting and relevant to themselves and their peers.

Contest winners will have the opportunity to be SAP guests at the Republican National Convention (RNC) or Democratic National Convention (DNC) in July. Participants will also receive training on how to best use data visualization software as well as best practices in creating dashboards and infographics.

Check out our website which is located at  In addition to registration information, on the website you will find all additional information needed to successfully participate in the contest including Eligibility Information, Entry Requirements, Judging Criteria, Prizes, SAP Technology Access, Sample Datasets, and Training Resources.

Registration for this great contest ends May 4th (without exception) so don’t miss out on your chance to actively participation in a once in a lifetime election event!

We have also provided some additional resources to help you get started:

In addition, we are also pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Thomson Reuters.  Thomson Reuters is best known for providing professionals with the intelligence, technology and human expertise they need to find trusted answers.  Several years ago, they became famous for also providing some of the best Political Election intelligence through the tremendous polling that they do on a daily basis.   We have partnered with Thomson Reuters in three ways:

  1. Thomson Reuters has provided datasets that support the Project Dream: Election 2016 contest.  These frequently updated datasets give contest participants deep insights into the current U.S. Presidential Election and its major candidates.  You can find the Thomson Reuters datasets in the “Resources” section on the Project Dream: Election 2016 website.
  2. Thomson Reuters has developed a phenomenal source of U.S. Presidential Election polling information which you can find at their Polling Explorer website. This information can certainly inform your Project Dream: Election 2016 insights and submissions.
  3. Thomson Reuters has developed an innovative iOS game called “White House Run” which is a mobile game that lets voters simulate a U.S. presidential candidate’s run for election, as well as catch up on Reuters political and polling news. Download "White House Run" to your iOS device now! This fun and engaging game can also inform your Project Dream: Election 2016 insights and submission.

Thank you for all the excitement you have already shared about Project Dream: Election 2016. We will continue to share contest updates and exciting developments in the coming weeks.

Follow us on Twitter!  @Sap_UA #pdelection2016

Best Regards,

Brian K. Reaves

Senior Vice President, Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Office of the CEO | SAP | +1.650.283.0886

Karla Salazar | EA | +1.650.461.1655 |