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We at SAP Cloud ALM are very pleased that we can bring you REST APIs which open up great control and analysis possibilities for your projects.

You can find the API documentation in the SAP API Business Hub. This documentation is in standardized and easy to read Open API Specification format. There's even a test environment there where you can make live calls to the APIs in a demonstration system.

We're going to be rolling out more APIs and extending the existing ones in the coming months. For now, I'd like to concentrate on the APIs for implementation projects and tasks, some of the first APIs we have released.

This is what you can do:

  • Get a list of all projects in your tenant, with the projects' statuses.

  • Create new projects.

  • Get a list of all tasks in a project, with key attributes of the tasks, such as status and assignee.

  • Get the details of a single task

  • Create new tasks

  • Update tasks

  • Delete tasks

This is great, for example, if you are a partner guiding customers through their implementation projects:

  • You can set up your own methodology in tasks, and use the APIs to create projects in your customers' tenants and populate them with your tasks.

  • You can create analysis dashboards from the data returned by the APIs, allowing you to visually track the customer's progress.

  • You can synchronize the project and its tasks with a 3rd party project management application.

Everything you need to know is documented in the SAP Business API Hub. The REST API format is described there with the required parameters. The schemas we use, such as status codes, are also listed. This makes it really easy to get started.

This is what the task schema looks like

We at SAP can easily and quickly extend the APIs for most purposes, so please give us feedback on the features which you could use.

We'll keep you updated on future developments. Please take a look at our SAP Cloud ALM for implementation blog series for other useful articles.

Also watch out for my next blog, where I'll go into the API samples we have published on You can already preview what we have placed in the repository:

Update: here's the blog article:

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