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Multiple assignment of Plant, Storage locations and Distribution chains to a product in one single instance


Multiple assignments of Plants:

Currently via MM01/02 transactions we can add only one plant at an instance. But with the Product Master Data Fiori application we allow the user to add “N” number of plants at one single instance.


  1. Navigate to the Product Master Data application

  2. Click on the Create button

  3. Enter the basic details and click on OK.

  4. Click on plant facet from the top anchor list

  5. Click on “+” button and add a new plant.

  6. Select the plant from the F4 help and enter all the required fields.

  7. Add more plants as required by clicking on “+” button.

  8. Save the product.

Supported Screen shots:

Create product with basic data:

click on plant facet:

Add plants by clicking on “+” button

Save the product with multiple plants in one instance.

Similar are the steps for the creation of multiple Storage locations for multiple plants at one instance.

And also, the same holds good for the creation of multiple Distribution Chains as well.