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This is a part of a series of blog postings about Process Observer for Built-in Processes.

This blog post talks about a feature called process visualization. This feature is available as part of the following releases:


  • ERP 6.0 Ehp7 -- SAP_BS_FND 747 SAPK-74702INSAPBSFND
  • ERP 6.0 Ehp6 -- SAP_BS_FND 731 SAPK-73109INSAPBSFND
  • ERP 6.0 Ehp6 -- SAP_BS_FND 746 SAPK-74604INSAPBSFND

The previous blog posts of the series gave you information about the architecture and set up of process observer.  We had blogposts about the creation
of process definitions
and KPI definitions and also using thresholds.

The visualization of the process is possible in two places in process observer- process monitor (POC_MONITOR) and process viewer (POC_VIEWER).

Process Monitor and Instance Diagram

Process monitor gives the information of the processes at the instance level, or we say, at the run time. 

With process monitor, user can understand the different processes associated with a particular process definition. It is possible to navigate to the details of the process to know more about the activities of the process and also the KPI and threshold details (Process details screen).

The process details screen for a typical process is as given below.

Now, it is possible to visualize the process in the process details screen using the button Instance Diagram.

This will show the process in flow chart format with all the activities defined for the process definition. The diagram will also give information about the activities completed for the current process.


Process Viewer and Process Diagram

Process viewer, on the other side gives a design-time perspective of the process definition.

A new button has been introduced in process viewer, in order to open the process diagram.

The process diagram in process viewer showcases the different activities of the process at the design time as shown below.

I hope that, this information is helpful to you.

Stay tuned in for more tips about process observer!!!