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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
On September 23, Rene Cedat (Strategic Topic Lead for Process Discovery) & Carolin Joppien (Senior Solution Specialist for SAP Process Insights) shared a lot of very insightful (get it?) information about Process Discovery and SAP Process Insights. Our goal was to understand the relationship between SAP’s Business Process Intelligence (BPI) portfolio and SAP Business Technology Platform. Why? Because the combination of these capabilities can accelerate your move to SAP S/4HANA and support the continuous improvement of your business processes.

As we all know, implementing SAP S/4HANA is one step of the journey, but there are and will always be new opportunities, new features or new requirements set forth by the business that IT wants to support. Which is why we see our BPI portfolio supporting not only the initial implementation, but also continuous innovation.


Where do Process Discovery & SAP Process Insights come into the picture? Before you can even think about improvements, what to change, what to adapt, what to remove; you need to know where you stand today.

  • Process Discovery: free tool that will give you a inside view into how your business processes are running today and provides recommendations for next steps. For example, SAP AI Business Services running on SAP BTP that can help you automate certain tasks.

  • SAP Process Insights: tool for the continuous monitoring & enhancements of your existing business processes. Not just a static picture, but a way to continuously know what’s working and what’s not. This tool provides in-depth analysis of the root cause and recommendations on how to fix the issues.

There are several ways that both Process Discovery and SAP Process Insights can support your SAP S/4HANA journey, but I’d like to highlight one of Carolin’s examples:

Something as important as a sales order might not be created in a structured, unified way. The information required might be captured through email, PDF or other unstructured formats and then need to be compiled manually by an internal sales reps to create the actual sales order. As you can imagine, that is neither the most efficient use of time, nor is it the most effective way of processing this data. That’s where SAP AI Business Services can help. Particularly with Document Information Extraction, which can process large amounts of business documents to return structured results. In this example (Automated creation of Sales Orders from unstructured Data), a draft sales order prepopulated with the information from the source document which can then be validated and confirmed by the expert. No more copy-paste exercises and having your workforce spend time on manual tasks that can be automated using machine learning capabilities.


This is just one example that shows how you can use the recommendations provided by SAP’s BPI portfolio in combination with SAP BTP capabilities to transform your business process. To recap on the main business benefits:

  • Less time spent on manual tasks translates into cost savings & increased employee satisfaction

  • Automation and machine learning capabilities improves data quality and reduces manual errors

What Now?

You can get started right away! Rene and Carolin have compiled the most important links to help you start your journey today:

  • Get more information and order your Process Discovery at

  • Link to the demo Spotlight environment

  • Link to download the PDF sample report

  • Link to the FAQ

  • How-to guide (for the step-by-step instruction to order Process Discovery)

  • More information on Pathfinder here

If you have questions, you can contact for more information.
Or, for questions about the value of Process Discovery and its content, you can reach out directly to

If you missed the session, you catch the recording:

It includes the demo of Process Discovery and the Q&A at the end.

The presentation is available here.

“See” you next time!
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