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Quality is key when it comes to master data management. This of course holds true when it comes to controlling the data quality itself, as thoroughly described by andreas.seifried#content:blogposts, and it also applies when it comes to reveal the quality of processing activities in SAP MDG.


The current SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA 1809, offers FIORI-based process analytics to control the process quality in master data. Process analytics features, Overview Pages and Analytical List Pages that visualize relevant process information at a glance.

  • Overview Pages provide you with one-stop information on work due and the work done for the individual user, including for example direct navigation to Analytical List pages for further analysis and drill down.

  • Analytical List Pages are a highly flexible deep-dive analysis tool for processes in the area of consolidation, mass processing and central governance.


Overview Pages

Overview Pages are summary dashboards displaying relevant process information with intuitive navigation and drill down for detailed analysis of process-quality issues related to the following master data objects

  • Business Partner, Customer, Supplier

  • Product

  • Financial Accounting and Financial Controlling data.


The cards on an Overview Page (OVP) provide you with one-stop information on work due and work done for the individual user plus the following process features:

  • Users are able to hide and unhide cards on the OVP depending on working needs

  • Display of Change Request related information as trigger to work on change requests requiring the user's attention (open change requests, long running change requests, rejected change requests)

  • Display of average processing times of change requests to improve processing times

  • Display of completed change requests and upcoming workload (i.e. open change requests)

  • Display of consolidation processes and their status (not for financial data)

  • Visualization of quality in Mass Processing (not for financial data)

For process analytics related to central governance, you can find the following change request-related cards on the Overview Page for Products and Business Partners:

  • Total Change Requests

  • Open Change Requests

  • Overdue Change Requests

  • Rejected Change Requests

  • Change Requests with my Involvement

  • Longest Running Open Change Requests

  • Change Requests older than 48 hours

  • Processing Duration of Finalized Change Requests

From every change request related card of the Master Data Process Overview you can navigate to the Change Request Analysis app for further drill-down analysis.

For process analytics related to consolidation and mass processing, you can find the following cards for Business Partners and Products:

  • Open Consolidation and Mass Processes

  • Finished Consolidation and Mass Processes

  • Duration of Consolidation and Mass Processes

  • Number of Processes Business Partners / Products

  • Consolidation Validation Results

  • Changed Business Partner / Product Attributes

From these cards you can navigate the Change Process Analysis app for further drill-down and analysis.

Analytical List Pages - Change Request Analysis and Change Process Analysis

Analytical List Pages are used for Change Request Analysis apps and Change Process Analysis apps. These apps offer a one-stop information and highly flexible analysis tool for change request and change process analysis monitoring process quality issues related to change requests and change processes using various drill-down dimensions. The apps are available as stand-alone apps as well as navigation target coming from the Overview Pages for further drill-down.

With the Analytical List Pages you can

  • Analyze change request, consolidation and mass processes using different drill-downs on dimensions, such as status, priority, and business object type.

  • Use graphical or compact filters for selecting your change requests, time-frame, status… to analyze the process data

  • Keep track of the average change request processing time

  • Navigate to the selected change request or change process




Process Analytics with SAP Master Data Governance on S/4HANA 1809 provides you with unique benefits:

  • One-stop information on prevailing process quality in central governance, consolidation, and mass processing

  • Intuitive navigation and drill down for detailed analysis of process-quality issues

  • Navigation to change request or change process for triggering further actions


I hope this is beneficial in helping to control you process quality in your master data governance activities.