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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear All,


I know you would have done this many times. But yesterday i tried to update sup mobile SDK 2.2.0 to 2.2 SP 04 and found an issue.

This issue was not known to me so thought of sharing it. I am sure it would be helpful for others.


Tools : SUP mobile SDK 2.2.0



Where to get the patch?


You can download SUP mobile sdk 2.2 SP 04 patch  from here:



I am assuming you have installed mobile sdk 2.2.0 on your machine with having admin privileges.


Once you download that patch from mentioned link, you would find a folder named ebf21335 in a zip folder with name SMP_Mobile_SDK_2.2.4-patch.





  1. Go to Command prompt

  2. Browse to the ebf folder path D:\Jitendra Kansal\softwares\sup 2.2 SP04\ebf21335

  3. run installebf.bat file


    • It would ask you for taking backup of existing files.


    • Press 'Y'


    • After pressing 'Y', i encountered one error saying:


The Install Script is unable to write to the registry. Please make sure that the registry and files have write permission.




After noticing and taking help from experts, i got to know there is something to do with admin rights.


  • So i found two solutions for this:


1. Either you run command prompt as Run as Administrator and follow the given procedure:






2. Set cmd.exe as admin always.


  • click start>type command> right click command prompt>properties


  • On the Shortcut tab, click Advanced.

  • select the Run as administrator checkbox.


  •      click OK twice.


NOTE: Now, when you launch a command prompt from start menu, UAC will prompt you for administrative privileges.



final result should look like this:





Jitendra Kansal