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Pricing FAQs about SAP Forms by Adobe

Q: Is “SAP Forms by Adobe” available as a separate product on the pricing list?
A: No, it is available on the “Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA)” model.

Q: What costs are involved for SAP Forms by Adobe?
A: SAP Forms by Adobe is available in Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) model. Requests to the ADS are charged to a customer’s cloud credits.

Q: The cloud connector is used to connect the on-premise application with SAP Forms by Adobe. Does this involve an additional charge?
A: No, the cloud connector is free-of-charge.

Q: What is the difference with respect to licensing between a hybrid scenario (application on-premise) and a pure cloud scenario using the REST API?
A: The licensing conditions are the same.

Q: Are print forms free-of-charge with SAP Forms by Adobe?
A: No, sending a request to SAP Forms by Adobe to generate a print form still creates a load and SAP incurs expenses so a request to generate a print form is also billable.

Q: The key licensing entity is a request to SAP Forms by Adobe. What is the difference between a “technical request” and a “billable request”?
A: A technical request is simply a request sent to the ADS. However, a billable request is limited to a maximum of 5 pages. Technical requests resulting in more than 5 pages are counted in groups of 5 pages, for example 6 pages are counted as 2 billable requests, 25 pages are counted as 5 billable requests.

Q: What if the number of pages cannot be determined?
A: If the page size cannot be determined, all requests are counted once independently of the specific transaction type, for example digital signatures. Requests are always counted whatever the usage scenario, for example also for print previews.

Q: Do requests only count for productive systems?
A: No, requests are always counted whatever the customer’s system type, for example, also for requests created in test systems.

Q: How do customers know how many billable requests they have left for a month?
A: A customer can see the number of billable requests in SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about pricing and licensing?
A: Please talk to your account executive.

Pricing FAQs about SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

Q: Are print forms always free-of-charge?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the number of forms matter?
A: No, licensing is user-based.

Q: Is a user just the developer who creates the form or anyone who enters data into the form?
A: Anyone who enters data into the form. Just displaying the form does not count.

Q: Is there any technical mechanism that the customer can use to calculate the number of users they need to license?
A: No, customers must work out the number of users themselves. In many cases this will be an estimate. For a large company with several departments one approach is to count the number of users in an average department and multiply by the number of departments.

Q: What if the customer has a very large number of external users, for example, electricity customers or students? That would make the solution extremely expensive.
A: Please contact your account executive and point out the dilemma involving the large number of external users and ask him or her to contact Product Management for a pragmatic solution.

Q: Does a customer always need a license for interactive forms?
A: No. Interactive forms that SAP predelivers are free-of-charge. Also, if customers make cosmetic changes to these forms then they are still free-of-charge.

Q: What counts as a cosmetic change?
A: Examples of cosmetic changes are:

  • Adding, deleting or changing the color, position, or style of lines, circles, arcs, boxes in a form.

  • Adding, deleting or changing the color, font, content or formatting of boiler-plate text.

  • Adding, deleting or changing logos or other static graphics elements

  • Changing the color, style, font, formatting or borders on a field.

  • Deleting a form field.

If a customer creates a new interactive form or makes non-cosmetic changes to an existing interactive form then they need an IFbA license.

Examples of non-cosmetic changes are:

  • Adding an interactive field on a form

  • Copying a field from one form design to another form design

  • Changing the position of a field on the form

  • Adding a new image field (which calls data from the SAP application) and submits image location via URL in the form data

  • Adding a new image field (which calls data from the SAP application) and submits image data in the form data

  • Changing the data binding

  • Making a read-only field editable

  • Changing the scripting in a form

Q: Do I need a license for digital signatures?
A: Yes, digital signatures only work with interactive forms.

Q: Is there an SAP note explaining the licensing situation with interactive forms?
A: Yes, note 750784.

Q: What are the three key criteria determining whether a license is required?
A: You create templates for interactive forms.
You create your own customer-specific interactive form templates or change an interactive form template delivered by SAP by adding further interactive fields or changing the data binding of existing interactive fields to the back end.
You use interactive forms in a production system, that is, end users fill in generated PDF forms during business operations.

Q: SAP creates an interactive form design in English and stamps it i.e. marks it as shipped by SAP. Later on, that interactive form design gets translated by the SAP translation process. Is this licensable?
A: No, the translation facility does not affect the stamp i.e. the stamp stays intact. The translated form designs are not licensable.

Q: The customer receives an interactive form design from SAP and localizes the design (e.g. change all the language strings from English to German). Is this licensable?
A: No, the form design stamp stays intact and is therefore not licensable.

Q: The customer creates a custom form design and requires 20 localized versions of the custom design variant. Is this licensable?
Variant A: No, if the customer uses the SAP provided translation capabilities only one custom form design is counted for licensing
Variant B: Yes, if the customer copies the form designs 20 times and does the localization manually, 20 form designs are counted as licensable.

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