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Did you know there is exciting news with regards to the SAP AI Business Services Document Information Extraction, Document Classification and Service Ticket Intelligence? In this blog post I want to explain you what has changed about the pricing of those three SAP AI Business Services.


About SAP AI Business Services

SAP AI Business Services deliver machine learning capabilities for solving small business problems that occur in several different business processes. Therefore, the services can be used in many different ways, integrated into many different applications. The services are part of CPEA and therefore payed on a pay-per-use basis.


About the pricing changes

So far, the three SAP AI Business Services Document Information Extraction, Document Classification and Service Ticket Intelligence have been billed in blocks of 1000 documents or records. We have now changed this block size and reduced it to blocks of 100 documents or records for the named services.

This is an advantage especially for organizations with a lower usage of those services!

Existing customers that are already using the services with a block size of 1000 documents/records, the changes are not done automatically. You will have to change the service plan from your current service plan to the new service plan, which is now additionally available for you.

For all new customers we have eliminated the blocks of 1000 service plans and you will be directly using the new service plan directly from the beginning.

Find out more details about the prices of the SAP AI Business Services, with the help of the pricing estimator tool.

If you have more questions feel free to reach out to us or ask your questions over SAP Community using the hashtag #Artificial Intelligence.



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