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You are editing the theme for Fiori Framework Page from UI theme designer and on previewing it via "Portal Control Previews", you are getting the preview for Ajax Framework Page instead of Fiori Framework Page which as expected as shown below:
Fiori preview.JPG

Background information:

  1. Firstly activate the UI Theme Designer according to Note 1997947 , in case UI Theme Designer is NOT activated.
    Note: For NW 7.5, UI Theme Designer is the default theme editor and is the only choice can be used for theming customizing solution, so you do not need to activate it again anymore.

  2. Log on portal and navigate to Content Administration -> Portal Display -> Portal Themes -> UI Theme Designer.

  3. From "Filter Themes" section select any theme, then click on Open.

  4. From "Add Target Pages -> Test Suites" section, select "Portal Control Previews".

  5. From ""Portal Control Previews" page, tick on ""Fiori Framework Page", then on left side "Target Pages"pane select Fiori Framework Page.

  6. On Previewing the Fiori Framework Page, the Ajax Framework Page preview appears instead of the Fiori Framework Page preview.

How to resolve the issue:

To solve this problem you should add a portal display rule, URL alias for Fiori Desktop in Master Rule Collection as following :

  1. Navigate to Portal -> System Administration -> System Configuration -> Portal Display -> Desktops & Display Rules.

  2. Further navigate to portal content ->Portal Administrators -> Super Administrators -> Master Rule Collection.

  3. Click on "Add IF Expression" button to add an Expression like:
    IF URL alias = portal/fiori

  4. Click on Apply button. Then add Fiori Portal Desktop to Expression: select "THEN Portal Desktop=..." clause.

  5. From left Portal Content Directory, navigate to Portal Content -> Portal Users -> Standard Portal Users -> Fiori Framework Content -> Fiori Desktop, right click and select "Add Portal Desktop to Expression".

  6. Click on Apply button to ensure Fiori Portal Desktop has been added successfully.

  7. Click on Save button to save change for Master Rule Collection.

  8. Log Off portal and ensure to clear Browser Cache.

  9. Log On portal again and re-access to UI theme Designer, you will be able to see Fiori Framework Page Preview works fine now.