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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
By now you may have heard about the Intelligent Enterprise as a vision for how we at SAP see the future of business for our customers, the future of work for our customers’ employees, and the future of experience for our customers’ customers. In Intelligent Enterprises, data feeds intelligence which in turn feeds process automation and innovation. At SAP, we believe best-run businesses are data and process driven – and we’re committed to helping deliver on this promise.

We want to help our customer become Intelligent Enterprises and SAP is uniquely positioned to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise to our customers as

  • We know integration end-to-end across the processes that matter most to your business

  • We help make sense of your data in certain business contexts

  • We embed intelligence directly into your core solutions as part of our standard road map


As customers understand the implications of the Intelligent Enterprise and how it impacts the future of their business and industries, they will have to reimagine their business model, business processes to prepare for the future. Through the Intelligent Enterprise we want to help customers:

Transform workforce engagement with Total Workforce Management

As market dynamics shift, new skills are required. The latest technologies can give you the flexibility you need to attract, hire, contract, and retain top talent.

Redefine the end-to-end customer experience through Lead-to-Cash

Reimagine end-to-end processes from the point of first interaction to fulfillment to post-sales. Sometimes this requires digitizing products and services, or completely reimagining the business model. Predict demand, procure the best suppliers, design and manufacture customised products – and deliver personalised experiences your customers will love.

Deliver a step change in productivity using Source-to-Pay

Through a combination of digital technologies, companies can achieve a productivity gain, which completely transforms the cost structures and profit model of value chains across industries. Harness data-driven business processes to fuel new growth and revenue streams, adapt faster to change – and direct scarce resources where they’re needed most.

We want to help customer prepare for the Intelligent Enterprise by providing an introductory Meet The Expert webinar series.

In the first session “Introduction to Integration for the Intelligent Enterprise” we want to discuss how integration is central to the Intelligent Enterprise, understand SAP’s integration strategy for the Intelligent Enterprise and introduce the upcoming webinar series.

In the session “Intelligent Enterprise - Total Workforce Management Overview” you will learn about the Intelligent Enterprise business process Total Workforce Management, understand key business challenges and SAP's vision for the future of the workplace.

In the session “Intelligent Enterprise - Lead-to-Cash Overview” you will learn about the Lead to Cash business process and understand what a typical Lead-to-Cash end-to-end process entails.

In the session “Intelligent Enterprise - Source-to-Pay Overview” you will learn about the Source to Pay business process, understand how the integrated landscape address the full range of Source to Pay process in the Intelligent Enterprise.

In the session "Intelligent Enterprise - Design To Operate Overview" you will learn about the Intelligent Enterprise business process Design to Operate including its future direction and functionalities. The session is scheduled for October 17th and you can register below.

The sessions are available through the below links:

Introduction to Integration for the Intelligent Enterprise EN Link
Intelligent Enterprise - Total Workforce Management Overview EN Link
Intelligent Enterprise - Lead-to-Cash Overview EN Link
Intelligent Enterprise - Source-to-Pay Overview EN Link
Intelligent Enterprise - Design To Operate Overview EN Register

Note:  To access the SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, a one-time sign up is required.

Only customers with one of the following maintenance agreements are eligible to access the support edition: SAP Enterprise Support, SAP Enterprise Support, Cloud Edition, or SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises (PSLE).

A valid S-user is required to attend Expert Webinar sessions. If there are issues in registering for the above sessions, please contact the SAP Enterprise Support Academy. Further information including how to contact the SAP Enterprise Support Academy is provided below.

Thanks and Regards,

Robert Kelly