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Currently more and more customers are using Process Management API to integrate with third party tools. However Process Management API is originally designed only for ARIS of Software AG. Thus a few incidents are raised by customer due to the functionality  limitation. This article helps the customer to make a better preparation so that the developer can easily start to support.


Preparation Steps

1) Run /n/iwfnd/gw_client and prepare your Request URI (how to find the URI can be found in next chapter).

 For BranchContentSet select "PUT".

Use "Add File" to attach payload.


For other APIs select "GET".


2) Execute the the request to check if the request can be processed.

3) If no error, then the network config of your system has problem, so that the command can not be passed to Solution Manager. In this case, check the gateway configuration or firewall. If you need further support , send ticket to component  OPU-BSE-SDE.

4) If you can get an error response or an unexpected payload, save the request as a Test Case.

  A popup will show.

Select Test Group and give a new Test Case name.

4) Provide a user which has the authorization to run gateway client and access to Solution Documentation. Tell the Test Group and Test Case so that the developer can reproduce the issue.

5) Send incident to component  SV-SMG-IMP-BIM


Find URI

  1. The easiest way is to asking the provider of third party tool directly. Usually they will provide it.

  2. If you implement application by yourself,  then use /n/IWFND/TRACES to activate the trace. Run your application and all the request will be listed in "Payload Trace".


      3.  Use /n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG to open error log.

Useful Report to simulate put request

There are two reports which can be used to check the content of put request.



This report simulate the import process. If this returns no error, usually there will be no error at solution manager side. Please check the connection for gateway service.

Choose Branch with the value help. And then run the report. After that you can choose your json file in the pop up window.



This post tells how to get URI, simulate and save the request. After the preparation the developer support can easily start to analyze the real technical problem.

As developer we only provide these APIs and how they are used is totally depend on the application. Since we do not understand the logic, the log file from the call-application will not help to fix the issue.

Using the two reports to check the json content. If check failed, please asking the responsible person of third party tool directly. This is not a solution manager issue.