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In Q4/2023 a new capability for SAP Datasphere is delivered which is highly requested by customers and users: Space Dependent Permissions (Scoped Roles).

With this new functionality it will be possible to assign authorizations (Roles) on Space level. This means a user can be 'Modeler' in Space A and just a 'Consumer' in 'Space B' within the same tenant of SAP Datasphere.

Along with Scoped Roles there are some aspects to be considered as well as related functionalities which have been developed. We want to share this information in preliminary Information Sessions:

Session 1 is about the fundamental concept of Scoped Roles and includes also demos of the targeted first version which is planned to be shipped In October timeframe of 2023.

When Scoped Roles are shipped, a conversion of the existing roles to the new Scoped Roles need to be performed. This conversion is non disruptive with regards to privileges assigned to existing users as well as the Spaces they have been allowed to access at time the time the migration happens. Session 1 includes also information on the conversion process.

Session 2 covers topics which are related to Scoped Roles and where the focus was on integrating capabilities like SAML attributes and the Command Line Interface (CLI) with Scoped Roles. Another chapter of Session 2 is about managing Scoped Roles in a centralized approach (i.e. by a central IT department) versus a de-centralized approach where the user (and Role) assignment is done by the Space Administrator.

We also want to share further assets on this topic in future here, please stay tuned: