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This blog is just to outline the data that you need to provide while creating an incident with SAP support. This will help to avoid the delay in the processing of incident due to the lack of information and thereby reduce the unnecessary back and forth communication.

  1. Create incident from the tenant where the issue occurs. In case the issue is reported from a Production tenant and this feature is working in your test or development tenant, please provide details of the other test or development tenant where the feature behaves correctly.

   2. Provide the following details-

    1. Solution name and customer name (include screenshot).
    2. Object names that cause the error including folder details if it is created within folders.
    3. Detailed steps to reproduce the issue from the UI or the SDK along with supporting screenshots.

3. In case you face an error with the functionality developed in the solution, provide the following details:


       a. What functionality is built into the add-on?

       b. Which part of that functionality is causing an error?

       c. How is this functionality implemented?

       d. Which part of the implementation is causing the error and what objects are involved in this error? In the steps to reproduce, identify the step that is causing the error, What objects are expected to be involved and in what sequence are the objects getting executing? E.g. If a script is meant to be executed, in that script is any other action getting called, A2A triggers or is a Web Service called?

       e. If there is a script on extension BO's, what is the logic in this script? What is the expected behavior of this script? What is the current behavior?

       f. If the incident is for a web service, provide the input XML payload for which you face the error. Does this work in any other web service consumption tool, like SOAP UI?

       g. UI Designer configuration ( query details, data modeling, extensibility explorer) along with the screenshots in case it is an error

  4. Permission to reproduce the issue at SAP support end , if it includes any operations that changes the data like Save, Execute, etc.

  5. Contact details in the incident so that support engineer can directly contact you in case of any clarification required.

Provide these information whenever you create an incident for a better incident processing experience :smile: .

Thanks and Regards,

Dhanya KV