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PostgreSQL, Hyperscaler Option service is available on the Kyma environment for SAP external customers that want to leverage the database service on the Kyma environment, for more flexibility when extending their applications with microservices and serverless functions. 

PostgreSQL on SAP BTP, hyperscaler option is a fully managed service offering of the PostgreSQL database provided by hyperscaler infrastructure vendors, where consumption, administration, integration and operational processes are enabled by SAP along with self-service-based workflows to simplify scaling, upgrades, monitoring and other aspects.  

SAP BTP, Kyma runtime is a fully managed Kubernetes runtime based on the open-source project "Kyma". The offered functionality ensures smooth consumption of SAP and non-SAP applications, running workloads in a highly scalable environment, and building event- and API-based extensions. 

By having PostgreSQL hyperscaler option available on the Kyma environment customers can leverage Kyma’s fully managed Kubernetes cluster and eliminate overhead such as infrastructure management and maintenance effort.   

Currently PostgreSQL on Kyma environment is only available for AWS, other cloud providers will follow. 

This blog post is a series of 3, where our aim is to walkthrough setting up your PostgreSQL service on a Kyma environment: 

  1. PostgreSQL is now available on the Kyma environment (your current read) 

  2. How to deploy PostgreSQL on a Kyma environment (read here) 

  3. Connect to a PostgreSQL instance on a Kyma environment (read here) 


Before starting to use the service there are some prerequisites and steps that need to be carried out: 


Understanding the PostgreSQL entitlements: 

  • Standard (2 GB memory blocks): Defines compute resources in the ratio of 1 CPU Core: 2GB RAM. Provides baseline performance for application workloads. Suitable for development and small-scale production use cases. 

  • Premium (4 GB memory blocks): Defines compute resources in the ratio of 1 CPU Core: 4GB RAM. Provides high performance for general-purpose application workloads. Suitable for medium to large scale production use cases. 

  • Storage (5GB storage): Defines general-purpose disk storage for PostgreSQL. Suitable for single node non-HA storage use cases. 

  • ​​​​​Storage_HA (5GB storage): Defines general-purpose disk storage for PostgreSQL with bandwidth considerations for High Availability (multi-AZ). Suitable for Multi-AZ/HA storage use cases. 

How to add PostgreSQL entitlements to your Kyma environment  

Within your subaccount (1), navigate to the entitlement tab > select ‘Configure Entitlements’> followed by ‘Add Service Plan’.  

Search for PostgreSQL and select it from the possible entitlements. Select the entitlements you wish to add, keep in mind that you always need to select a compute plan (standard for blocks of 2 GB or premium for blocks of 4GB of memory) and a storage plan (storage or storage_ha in blocks of 5 GB of storage).  

Add the service plans to the sub-account and check that the entitlements are available to be used. 

You are now ready to deploy a PostgreSQL instance in this sub-account.  

For using it on Kyma or CF environment you need first to activate the environment, for Kyma please refer to our next blog post. 

Important considerations: 

When doing your sizing and configuration please consider the necessary amount of entitlement units (2GB/4GB memory blocks and 5GB storage blocks) to support your architecture. Depending on the hyperscaler configurations can consume different number of entitlement units. Check sizing examples and service plan and entitlements information. 

Relevant sources of information:  

  • For detailed information on PostgreSQL on SAP BTP, hyperscaler option service, please refer to SAP Help 

  • For information on PostgreSQL pricing and commercial options and regions, please refer to SAP Discovery Center 

  • For additional details on Kyma set-ups please access the SAP Help portal and also have a look at the video series provided in the following Kyma blog.  

Thank you, 

SAP BTP Backing Services – Product Management