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Hi everyone,

I am very happy to share with you today the start of our new podcast series “Getting down to Business with SAP AI Business Services”. I am the host of this series and I am having my colleagues with me as my guest to talk about the different SAP AI Business Services. Plus, we will also have some additional, interesting topics related to the services.

In the podcast series we will be talking about the chances and opportunities organizations get when automating business processes by introducing artificial intelligence. This allows organizations to handle business operations more efficiently, have more time for value adding tasks and reduce the potential for human error. The SAP AI Business Services ensure that artificial intelligence can be easily consumed across your entire business, no matter whether you want to automate the handling and processing of invoices, e-mails, customer support tickets and or anything else.

The podcast series will introduce you to the SAP AI Business Services solution portfolio as well as several use cases for the different services. It will also give you an idea of how to get started and implement the services in your business context. We will also cover topics like the general approach to AI at SAP, how organizations using the services can gain a competitive advantage or why ethics in AI are important and how SAP is ensuring ethical AI.

Join us on our biweekly podcast to learn all about SAP AI Business and find out how automating business processes with SAP AI Business Services ease your life when it comes to automating business processes with Artificial Intelligence. It doesn’t need to be a complicated project!

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