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Product and Topic Expert


**This Pilot is now closed. To join the new resulting workshop check this link**


The SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council (ESAC) is our program to innovate, pilot or confirm the SAP Enterprise Support content together with a selected group of customers, to continuously optimize the SAP Enterprise Support portfolio. It covers all major cloud solutions, and it is open to all SAP Enterprise Support customers at no additional cost.

This October we will run a pilot workstream, via ESAC, will help participating members to prepare to convert your current SAP BW Netweaver system to SAP BW/4HANA, and to innovate further in the cloud with SAP Datasphere, SAP BW Bridge.

To find out more check out the 2 min video:


This pilot workstream is essentially an update to our existing Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) workshop which focuses purely on planning a System Conversion to SAP BW/4HANA.
You can read all about that in my recent blog post.

In the newly updated pilot session we will provide overview of SAP Datasphere and BW Bridge which will be covered in the first 2 days. The following three days will focus on empowering the conversion approaches to both data warehousing solutions i.e. Remote or Shell Conversion from BW system to SAP Datasphere with BW Bridge OR SAP BW/4HANA

We will also help you to fill out a Readiness Check for BW/4HANA and a new, soon to be released, Readiness Check for SAP Datasphere.


Get Involved

The pilot is planned to take place early in October 2023 and will run for two weeks in total.
Your involvement would be to participate in a welcome call, then join the pilot sessions which are 2 hours per day over a specific calendar week (tbd), and finally join a wrap-up call.

To register you interest please contact us via email:

Let us know your location / timezone, rough details of your project, and state your interest in this pilot workstream.

To find out more about the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council in general visit the website.  Details of this workstream are not yet included on that page.


Further Support and Empowerment via SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

As always, you can compliment your experience by joining the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps.
We are providing continued support and collaboration after the EGI workshops and new pilot workshop has completed, along with further enablement materials such as best practice documents and webinars.
This is a great way for you to get access to these services, along with further support and empowerment for SAP Data and Analytics solutions.

Join the SAP Analytics Solutions value map to receive further assistance, as well as access to a dedicated learning journey on SAP Data Warehousing topics.
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