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Test case tool provides the infrastructure to define inputs and expected output for decision services and is very well integrated with DSM and the BRF+ workbench. The Test Case Administration screen looks as below: -

You could read more about the test-case tool via the SCN page:

Following are some recent improvements done in the tool: -

  • Loading of test-cases for a particular function is much faster now, it takes less than a second to load 400 odd test-cases plus associated test-runs where in earlier it used to time-out – this improvement has been introduced via note: 2217352 – with this correction we read the test-run details on demand i.e. only when a particular test run is clicked
  • Test-cases now can be executed in an asynchronous manner rather than the earlier much slower synchronous sequential manner of execution – this has been enabled via note 2277388 – with this correction the performance of the execution now depends on the no. of free resources available in the system. A simple comparison would be as below: - o 5 test-cases each taking 2s to execute with 5 free CPU processes would earlier take 10 seconds to execute but now would take between 2 – 3 seconds only i.e. almost a gain of 7 seconds
  • The above note provides apis which could help build a report for scheduling of test-execution for multiple functions in the background. A sample report looks as below:-

You can enhance the attached report code to suit your requirements.