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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With ABAP Core Data Services (CDS), SAP has considerably enhanced the data abstraction layer of its ABAP platform.

ABAP CDS makes it easier to define semantically-rich data models which can be used for easy data access for different type of applications, i.e. search, analytical and transactional applications.

The structures of such data models are mapped to hierarchies of database views that allow pushing application logic down to the database layer. With this approach, data processing is done where the data resides, and thus response times are basically shortened.

Programs using ABAP CDS may produce significantly more complex SQL statements than traditional OLTP-type applications. With increasing complexity, SQL performance becomes less predictable. Response times of such data-centric applications can vary to a large degree, depending on the amount of data to be processed, data selectivity and finally the ability of the underlying database to optimally execute complex statements. It is hardly possible to transfer performance measurements from one vendor database to another.

To make sure that performance meets expectations, it is therefore highly recommended to run specific (i.e. non-generic) applications tests with realistic data in terms of volume and selectivity on each targeted database platform. Where platform individual tuning does not lead to desired response times, application code or object structures may have to be adjusted.

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