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My colleague Scott Bonnel of Mocana recently shared a great analogy of the airport security process compared to the software security process. In recording a webinar with him this week, I’d like to share it and also invite you to watch the on-demand SAP Mobile App Protection session at your convenience.

Airport security used to be a painful process – especially flying out of the Toronto airport and crossing into the United States. I recall once after 9/11 it took me exactly 2 hours to get from the curb to my gate. The security line up was painfully slow, and a secondary security check was required before getting on to the plane at the gate. Today it’s much easier. I can go from curb to gate in about 10 minutes with TSA Pre and a Nexus card. My personal experience going through security has been simplified and I am a much happier traveler. 

The same is true when it comes to mobile security. If your users have to jump through hoops to get their app to open (or get to the gate) then they won’t be happy about it. Multiple logins, SSO, and VPN can complicate the process and make it too long when you simply want to access an app for 30 seconds. If you simplify the process and improve the experience then your users will be happy.

This most important similarity is that in both cases you haven’t compromised on security – you are still meeting your strict requirements – but you’re doing it in a way that keeps your stakeholders happy.

As I mentioned, Scott and I delivered a webinar this week on our joint solution, SAP Mobile App Protection by Mocana, part of the SAP Mobile Secure portfolio. The session provided best practices and new ideas and approaches for solving the security user experience challenge. The 45 minute session is a great summary of the product and also included discussion on three customer case studies. It highlighted some of the benefits customers are experiencing by better leveraging our mobile security solutions. 

I invite you to catch the session available on-demand. Enjoy the conversation and let me know if you have any questions.