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A Minimum threshold amount must decide if the 3rd approver must be notified for approval.

The configuration settings to achieve the given business requirement is available in the step Define Approval Patters of the SSCUI Define Settings for Bank Account Master Data (ID 102336).

Users can define the minimum amount that the payment document should reach in order to be processed by the defined step.

Note: The payment amount will be sent to the corresponding group only when it satisfy the minimum amount limits.


Kindly, do the following customizing setting in the SSCUI Define Settings for Bank Account Master Data.

  1. Go to step Define Payment Approver Groups.

  2. Create entry for 3 payment approver group (G001, G002, G003).

  3. Now, go to step Define Approval Pattern.

  4. Create and entry for 3 step approval pattern with the 3rd step having a minimum amount for payment.

  5. Next, In the step Assign approval pattern assign the approval pattern to company code and account type and set the priority for the approval pattern.
    Note: The priority of the approval patterns will be validated with both the company code and bank account type.
    Ex.: Approval pattern P001 is assigned to company code 0001 without specifying the account type, approval pattern P002 is assigned to account type Balance without specifying the company code:
    When a payment is made in a bank account of company code 0001 with the account type of Balance, pattern P001 is applied for the approval process.

  6. Save the configuration settings.

  7. Then go to the App Manage Bank Account.

  8. Open the bank account for which approval patter has to be defined.

  9. In edit mode go to the Payment Approvers tab.

  10. Define the three Payment approver to the 3 different group.

  11. Select the Unlimited amount check box for all the three approvers

  12. Save the bank account settings.


  1. To test my setting I have create 2 payment batch one with the payment amount 5 EUR another with a payment amount 5000 EUR.

  2. Both the payment batches after the 1st approval is sent to the second approver.

  3. For the second approver both the payment batch appear in the App Approve Bank Payments as shown below
    Amount of 5.00 EUR is in the final approval
    Amount of 5000.00 EUR is not in the final approval



  1. The Min. Amount for Payment is applied to the approver group.

  2. In the Approve Bank Payments application the third step approval will not use the same approver.

  3. Priority of the approval pattern depends upon the company code and the account type. For two payment patterns assigned to the same company code of account type higher priority will be executed.

  4. Payment pattern cannot be decided with the Min. Amount for Payment value.


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