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Community Manager
Back in March, we adjusted members' profiles so that their SAP Community reputation also reflected their SCN achievements.

Typically, Member of the Month goes to community up-and-comers, but looking over these more comprehensive reputations (combining SAP Community contributions with work from the SCN days), I got to thinking: What about all of those awesome members from years past who never received a Member of the Month nod? Don't they deserve the spotlight -- particularly if their current reputation is also impressive?

Well, yeah, sure they do. So with that in mind...please welcome pavan.bhamidipati#overview to the Hall of Fame.

You can check out the reputation section of his profile to see the points he carried over from the SCN days (and the badges and such he earned along the way). But I'm not just here to sing the praises of accomplishments long past. Pavan recently earned the Avid Solver badge for his acceptance rate answering hundreds of questions.

And, no, that doesn't overshadow the fact that he has been contributing fairly steadily for many years.

So I'm curious to know about his experiences with the community since joining in 2008 -- up until this point of receiving Member of the Month for June. And I'm sure you are curious too, which means it's time for me to turn the conversation toward the man of the hour (or month)...

Congratulations, Pavan!

Thanks Jerry. At first it was a surprise, but later I am excited to get interviewed and to recollect the lost SDN days.

On your profile, you describe yourself as an "SAP Consultant." Care to elaborate about your current career? What do you do and where are you based?

Since started working on SAP domain, I always had to visit different customers and worked very closely on various phases of the implementations on different domains. (However, my favorite still to date is HCM. Oops.) I have gained experience in this process and got a chance to understand the key aspects of the implementation projects. At the end of the day an "SAP Consultant" who works on SAP. [laughs]

Since 5 years, I moved my focus to Master Data. On the way I started working on SAP Master Data Governance. Currently, handling multiple MDG projects on different domains, in Gottingen, Germany. But nevertheless, I have a fair amount of experience in working with HANA-based projects. As we all know that HANA is more about DATA. [smiles]


A trip to Bangalore #FamilyFun *


What brought you to that position? Where did you start out -- in terms of location -- and where did you work along the way?

I started as an ABAPer in 2008. Luckily there was a sudden shift in building a strong career in a span of 4 years across different NetWeaver frameworks and technologies. I think of the number of opportunities which came my way starting from YASH, Hyderabad. Later, I started working with SAP India and SAP Labs India, Bengaluru. What I can say about SAP? No words of abundant instances to get your hands dirty on different frameworks and technologies.

In 2013, SAP helped and made me explore outside the SAP world -- forcibly [smiles] -- to see that there is something more than ABAP and dependent technologies...the latest buzzwords like HANA, UI5, JQUERY, Fiori, Node.js.

In 2015, I became an independent consultant. I would thank all my colleagues and managers for believing and trusting me.

That tells me a bit about your career path. What about your focus areas? Judging from the topics you choose to answer, I see some consistency, but it certainly doesn't seem limited to one or two subject areas...

Since the time SAP has expanded its horizons by welcoming to access its features to open source frameworks. You have to deal with hybrid applications and complex landscapes. Definitely, the focus is towards the IR4.0 (Industry revolution) technologies. I know it is a time-consuming process to scale up oneself. Currently, I am focused on exploring cloud technologies -- precisely GCP.

On the other side of the coin, I like to share with the community, which helps me at various moments, whatever I know and gained all over these years. I would definitely love to start sharing my knowledge in Fiori, HANA, and UI5 and learn from other community members as well.

Looking at your activity over the years, I believe you joined in 2008. And as far as I can tell, you hit the ground running. Didn't you have any jitters before you became active in the Q&A area?

Oh, yeah, of course I had. [laughs]

When I started in 2008, I was not even aware of SDN (SAP Developer Network). I always used to just look at the threads and admire how these members are able to answer these many questions within minutes. But I never thought that it would become one of my mandatory jobs till to date to just log into the SAP Community and check my favorite forum, SAP Business Workflow. Or is it "space"? I'm not sure. [smiles]

What made you join in 2008?

This credit goes to Mr. Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni.


Princesses getting painted! #LovableDevilDaughter *


Since that time, you've been fairly consistently involved in the community -- albeit with some quiet pockets here and there. Did you ever need to take a hiatus from the community and, if so, what brought you back?

Yes, I was not very much active during the transition of SDN to SCN -- the period where I feel the SDN community lost its many members -- oops, I may be wrong -- and I saw some unexpected changes in moderation and the way navigating to spaces. I guess we also lost the Coffee Corner forum with all the cricket-relevant discussion threads. I just gave myself a break as well to ramp up myself and also was busy with my independent consulting tasks. It's been always there in the back of my head that I was not contributing to the community, which I feel is very important to keep your self updated with your learning path which made me come back.

Nowadays, do you have a specific schedule for spending time in SAP Community? I'm wondering how and when you make the time to answer questions and browse the community...

I just answer now and then by doing my daily job. There would be always a special window exclusively opened with the content I follow. [laughs]

Switching from answers to blogs for a've written six blog posts, the last one being in 2012. Any chance you're going to make a triumphant return to blogging after your 6-year absence?

I always believe in quality over quantity. Oh, yeah, definitely I will start blogging...very soon.

I always save the best -- or at least the most fun -- question for last. What do you like to do in your spare time? Any hobbies or special interests?

I love to watch cricket. (CWC 2019! [smiles]) Sudoku. Oh, yeah, I forgot to say I love running -- although I'm not a sprinter. Spending time with family by watching movies, long drives, and last but not least giving "gnan" (knowledge) to my daughter. I'm a typical Indian father. [laughs]

I don't do you call them hobbies or interests? [smiles]


Not a good time and pace, all about the target -  Running on a Sunny Sunday. #HealthisWealth *


Well, that's a wrap then. Before I let you go, Pavan, let me congratulate you one last time -- and thank you for all you've given the community over these many years.

I would like to thank you, Jerry, and the community again for choosing and honoring me as Member of the Month.


*Editor's note: After conducting every Member of the Month interview, I ask the interviewee to send pictures to accompany the blog post, along with brief explanations of what's happening in each photo, who is in it, etc. I then take this information and try to avoid the temptation to write a caption that I (and usually only I) find humorous. Since I generally cave to this temptation, I decided that, for a change of pace this month, I would invite Pavan to supply whatever captions he wanted with his pictures...which he kindly did. I used his captions here unedited...right down to the hashtags. I'm explaining this because a) I like this more personal approach, and I'm thinking I might do this in coming months and b) I wouldn't want anyone thinking #LovableDevilDaughter came from me...