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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We witnessed the full bloom of SAP Workflow Management capabilities, developed during the #Hack2Build event held from Oct 5-12 for Partners in Europe region. A variety of innovations on workflow were showcased by the partners after spending time to upskill,  getting hands-on to build the application, thereby  turning their ideas into a working prototype and presenting their unique models to realise  commercial success in a short span of just  7 days. Focused on automated decision making, paperless processes, bringing visibility of the process and enabling process excellence within and across SAP and Non-SAP process was commendable. This was a remarkable achievement by the participating partners.

SAP Workflow Management allows companies to digitize workflows,  span across organizations and apps. It allows users to build, run, and manage workflows. It provides web-based tools to model business vocabulary, decision interfaces to integrate with SaaS applications and business services. It provides end-to-end visibility on processes that run in the cloud and/or on-premise applications. Users could configure the process flow with a low-code to no-code approach using process variants and decisions to enable compliance and efficiency.

With the rich capabilities provided by SAP Workflow Management, partners set out to learn, explore and build tangible innovation outcomes with a working prototype  to support customers to digitize workflows, manage decisions, and gain end-to-end process visibility.

We had  50 participants from 9 partners  spanning 8 countries, participating in the event to demonstrate their ideas on how customers would benefit from the prototypes built using SAP Workflow Management capabilities.

#Hack2Build on SAP Workflow Management

Here, I highlight the winning partner solutions from this edition of #Hack2Build on SAP Workflow management:

Winner : IBM

IBM’s workflow solution manages  work order's multilevel financial approvals & upon approval, assists the maintenance scheduler with Weather Insights of the physical location of work. The use case is basically for the maintenance scheduler who wants to ensure that work orders are scheduled at a time when there is no risk to the human life due to bad weather conditions.

The solution is built using Event Driven Architecture to take full advantage of  asynchronous events involving SAP Event Mesh and SAP Cloud Integration to orchestrate the end to end process. IBM was successful in building a Live process package to enable low-code no-code of building process variants to have different levels of approvals, different start conditions for each of the process steps. The solution also uses Business Rules at appropriate point in the workflow to validate work order data and determine approvers based on different work order object attributes. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation was also used to automate the update of work order with the rescheduled dates and finally release the work order for actual execution.

IBM’s Enterprise Asset Management with Weather Insights

1st Runner Up: Aarini

PIMFLOW is a Product Information Management System helping SAP customers to model and store the product data, configure governance policies, and distribution of the product data to ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, Point of Sales and Business Intelligence. The solution completely runs on SAP Business Technology Platform leveraging the power of SAP HANA Cloud, Workflow Management and Business rules for Policy and Governance and utilizes standard SAP S/4HANA Cloud or On-Premise API to Integrate. It’s completely Plug-and-Play avoiding any customizations in existing SAP System.

PIMFLOW from Aarini

2nd Runner-Up: WIPRO

As part of the Hack2build , Wipro enhanced their Green Energy Trading & Distribution System (GETDS) solution and added Prosumer Onboarding workflow and KPI reporting. Wipro also enhanced SAP UI5 screens to handle additional fields and provisions for triggering workflows and integration flows. GETDS is a blockchain based market place application built on SAP Business Technology Platform to regulate, monitor  and track green energy tokens generated from renewable energy sources. It provides transparency, immutability and easy tracking of transactions involved in the energy consumption contracts, a very essential feature to increase market participation for reduced Carbon Footprint. Wipro aimed to revamp the GETDS application and the prosumer workflow development was a key component to ensure smoother and consistent onboarding of prosumers/energy generator, which  was accomplished successfully in the #Hack2Build.

Prosumer Onboarding Workflow enhancements to GETDS by WIPRO

Special Mention: Renova Consulting

Hand&Life, a novel solution for artisans, developed by Renova using SAP Workflow management technology, which will help artisans to reach global markets. With this solution, it is aimed to expand the business areas of the manufacturers, considerably reduce income inequality, and contribute to sustainable development, and to facilitate the reach of global companies to quality and handcrafted products.

The developed platform is designed for both customers and artisans. Local producer can be included in the system through registration process using the platform triggering a workflow. On the other hand, customer can create a pre-order by providing information about the product also initiating workflow process.  According to order, suitable artisan is determined by the system and pre-order’s information is sent to artisan to receive offers. The customer chooses the most suitable offer from the given offers. The production by the Artisan commences and afterwards, the process ends with the delivery.

Hand and Life, a workflow solution for Artisans by Renova Consulting


Listen to the views on the #Hack2Build from the Winning Partners


The Jury

I would like to thank the Judges for spending time with the partners over many hours during the final demo Jam.

Hear  some of their views and impressions about this edition of #Hack2Build

Rudolf Held, VP & Head of Global SAP Co-Innovation Lab, Partner Ecosystem Success

Pavel Penaz, Head of SAP BTP Strategy & Execution, Partner Readiness, Partner Ecosystem Success

Thomas Volmering, Head of Product Management and Solution Engineering, SAP Workflow Management

Archana Shukla, Senior Product Manager, SAP Workflow Management

Diogo Baptista, Partner Solution Advisory Director, EMEA & MEE

The following SAP colleagues were involved from the beginning to make this event possible. A Big thanks to all of them listed below:

  • Workflow Management Technical Experts: Archana ShuklaDivya RanaFrederic-Pascal AhringMilton Reuben RodriguesPeter MunultyRama Sulakshani Murari,Seshadri Sreenivas RamanarayananVenugopal Chembrakalathil

  • Partner Product Management Team: Sunil WadhwaHimanshu Sharma

  • Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services: Parvathy S

  • Partner Readiness Team: Somesh DwivediSohail MohammedJose Bastidas GChristian Weber

As always and beyond this hackathon, the SAP team intends to work with the participating partners to support them to realize their workflow content built on SAP Workflow management and improve the API economy.

Partners across the regions can learn about upcoming #Hack2Build opportunities here.

Author: vasanth.kumar