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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
From October 04th to 11th another successful Hack2Build event took place, and this time offered completely in Spanish to LAC SME partners. Themed on SAP BTP fast adoption for SME use cases, partners were invited to build on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) extensions and integrations for SAP Small and Midsize Enterprise (SME) solutions: SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business One and/or SAP Business ByDesign. Partners could realize how quickly SAP BTP can be leveraged to add value to their Cloud journey and serve as the platform for them to offer their applications to customers.

Hack2Build initiative from SAP is a rapid prototyping initiative to drive early-stage inspiration, use case exploration and technology adoption for SAP partners. In this opportunity, partners validate their ideas, get coaching and support during the build of the prototype, and get hands-on experience with SAP Technologies. After the hackathon, they also explore how to package the solution and get ready for go-to-market.

The participants brought inspiration, hard work, curiosity, and delivered compelling solutions in a week’s time.


The Participating Companies

Hack2Build SME, SAP BTP fast adoption – LAC (Spanish) – October/2022 Participants

We were glad to welcome twelve SAP partner companies with around 70 participants from seven countries in the region. Participated in this edition of the Hack2Build: CSTI Corp, Exxis Group, H&CO Global Advisors, Heinsohn Business Technology, Inforum, Pampa Business Ideas, RedSinergia, Tesselar, UpperSap, Ventura Soluciones, VisualK Group and VRTCL Consulting.


By harnessing the power of the SAP Business Technology Platform, the participants prototyped use cases for extensions and integrations with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign, thereby consuming standard APIs from the corresponding ERP. This way, they managed to target customer essential needs or to alleviate customer’s pain points with intelligent solutions.

Every Hack2Build event demonstrates the innate innovation potential of SAP’s ecosystem, driven by their close association with SAP products and technologies and servicing customer needs over many years. Enabled by the manifold capabilities offered by the SAP Business Technology Platform, each partner demonstrated a clear value proposition with their ideas arising from the challenges they observe with our joint customers planning needs and aspirations.

At first, the SAP teams worked to review the business use cases and prototype architecture along with each partner. Then, within just a week’s time, the partners worked hard to materialize their innovations onto working software running on SAP BTP and demo it for the critical eyes of the judges. Although all participating teams had the potential to win, the jury had to determine the winners based on key criteria.

It was interesting to see that SAP BTP was a new topic to most of these SME partners, and they have quickly acquired know-how to build their prototypes. Some partners were developing new solutions from scratch, and some partners were kickstarting the migration of their existing on-premises applications to the Cloud. SAP BTP could effectively support both scenarios, add value, and speed up partner’s development efforts.


Demo Day and the Panel of Judges

All participants made it to the final Demo Jam and showcased their inspiring innovative solutions to the audience. With only 10 minutes to present the Business Case and the functioning Prototype running on SAP BTP, they had an intense morning aiming to impress the Jury and answer their questions.

The Panel of Judges offered partners a diverse perspective and consisted of four SAP Senior Executives:

Panel of Judges

The judges were amazed by the showcases, given the constraints of such short time and high quality of the partner prototypes. They also had the chance to provide insights and feedback to each partner.


The Winners

Winner: CSTI Corp

CSTI Corp created the winning application branded iProvider. The application is a portal to optimize the integration to suppliers in the supply chain, and the key functionalities are reception of electronic invoices, and payment status verification for the suppliers (with integration to WhatsApp). In the roadmap they plan to develop functionalities for bidding and supplier evaluation.


First Runner-up: RedSinergia

RedSinergia showcased an application developed to facilitate user interaction with key business processes and functionalities. The application is branded RSG Chatbot. The chatbot integrates with WhatsApp and offers functionalities such as: inventory inquiry (via part number or picture), sales orders inquiry, purchase orders creation, invoice generation.


Second Runner-up: VisualK Group

VisualK presented the application named Portal Mantenimiento, which is a mobile client for an SAP Business One AddOn they already offer to customers branded CMMSOne. The mobile application will enable functionalities to record tasks, log measurements, which will give flexible access to technicians and avoid errors in the process.


The Voice from the Winners (Spanish only)


Beyond a Hackathon

As the intent of Hack2Build event is to help our partners to build their solution, the move to the next BUILD phase is critical for the partners to drive successful outcome with their innovations. Most of the partners plan to continue with their development and bring their solutions to customers as soon as possible.



We would like to thank all finalist teams, in no order, and the use cases they prototyped during this Hack2Build:

  • Exxis Group: Cartolas y Pagos Inteligente – automate, through SAP Intelligent RPA, the external bank reconciliation process, with integration to various banks, avoiding effort an errors of the manual process;

  • H&CO Global Advisors: Petty Cash Management – a web extension (SAP AppGyver + SAP Launchpad Service) integrated to SAP Business One, which will allow to manage and automate the process of petty cash, and approval and settlement flows;

  • Heinsohn Business Technology: ExtractMast – automatic extraction (via SAP BTP Services) of data contained in images and documents, such as: Soat, Licencias, Cedulas, Pólizas and tarjeta de Propiedad; and direct inbound of the data into SAP Business One. This extends an existing AddOn of Heinsohn to customers;

  • Inforum: Integración de información contable de remesas – integration (via SAP Cloud Platform Integration) of accounting information between SAP Business ByDesing and external remittance systems;

  • Pampa Business Ideas: Smart PM – application to initiate corrective and preventive maintenance activities in a fast, simple and efficient manner, through the collection of data onsite via a mobile device (SAP Mobile Services), and integrated to SAP S/4HANA Cloud;

  • Tesselar: Proceso de corrección en función a características de producción – solution to a problem of the chemical industry regarding the measurement of temperature, density and levels of alcohol, which impacts the calculation and adjustment of quantity and respective pricing;

  • UpperSap: Upp Supplier – an SAP Business One extension in SAP BTP, required by a customer, which will automate the information extraction of documents and interface with users via WhatsApp through a chatbot​;

  • Ventura Soluciones: Factura Electrónica de Proveedor – application for the identification of electronic documents of purchase receipts in an email tray and automatic registration (via SAP Intelligent RPA and SAP Process Automation) into SAP Business One as supplier invoices or other purchasing process documents; and

  • VRTCL Consulting: VRTCL Medical Suite for ByD​ – usage of SAP Business ByDesign as a health management front integrated (SAP Integration Suite) to VRTCL Medical Suite REST services to process clinical-hospital transactions while financial transactions are executed naturally in the ERP.

To award the excellent work results presented, all the participant partner teams will receive digital badges by from SAP.

Virtual Selfie during the Demo Jam

We also would like to thank all the SAP teams and colleagues for their passionate and tireless commitment and the tremendous support they offered, which made this event possible! Kudos and special thanks to:

  • Carolina Bastos, João Cavalcanti and Rudolf Held for the executive support and event sponsorship;

  • Lourdes Gomez, Georgina Gonzalez and Rodrigo Riveros for acting as judges;

  • Steve Gouveia, Raphael Claro and Hector Lopez for the presentations;

  • Thiago Mendes, Alessandro Biagi, Maria Trinidad Martinez, Edward Neveux and Quintus Smith for the great technical support throughout the event; and

  • All colleagues from SAP Partner Ecosystem Success and SAP Co-Innovation Lab for helping and supporting this event.

Thank you for your excellent support during all phases of the Hack2Build. We couldn’t have it done without your leadership, domain expertise, and dedication to the success of SAP and our Ecosystem.


SAP Hack2Build LAC Team 

Authors: Ronildo Santos and Lucas Rigo