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This is Part 8 of a blog series on Deploying SAP S/4HANA Systems Using The Red Hat Portfolio. Read Part VII: Setting Up Components for Ansible Automation Platform here.

We’ve reached the end of our blog series: we have Red Hat Satellite ready to do our lifecycle and content management, we’ve got our execution environment built with the content we’ll need for our automation workflow, we’ve configured Ansible Controller, the last thing to do is tie our various pieces together in an easy to use workflow:

This visualization shows the workflow end to end, with a required convergence of the Netweaver Preconfigure job and the HANA deployment job, meaning Ansible Controller will wait to run the S4 install until HANA is up and ready, and the application server has been properly set up. In addition, we can optionally add a survey to the workflow, prompting the end consumer of our automation for various options about the install:

This makes our workflow more dynamic: the end consumer can specify the SID they’d like, what product should be installed, and more.

Finally, we can kick off our workflow, and watch as Ansible Controller fires off our job templates and builds our new S4HANA SID:

Let’s review what we’ve accomplished here, something that’s no small feat. Using the Red Hat product portfolio we’ve set up a lifecycle and content management platform for SAP systems, we’ve leveraged existing Ansible automation for SAP automation, and we’ve tied it all together using Ansible Automation Platform to create an easily consumed, dynamic automation process that goes end to end: from provisioning to SAP application deployment. Now, our end business analysts, BASIS administrators, and infrastructure teams can effectively and efficiently build and manage their SAP landscape using Red Hat products and Red Hat best practices.


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Josh Swanson is currently a Solution Architect for Red Hat.
Ted Jones is currently a SAP Architect for the Red Hat SAP Tech Alliance team.
Vivien Wang is currently an Ecosystem Partner Manager for the Red Hat Partner Engineering Ecosystem. 
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