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This is part of a series of articles, which describe the steps to integrate an extension workflow using SAP Workflow Management on Business Technology Platform (BTP Workflow) into a Flexible Workflow in SAP S/4HANA OP.

Part 1: Integrating an Extension Workflow on SAP BTP into a Flexible Workflow
Part 2: SAP BTP Cockpit Configuration  for Usage of SAP Workflow Management
Part 3: SAP S/4HANA Backend Configuration to Communicate with SAP BTP
Part 4: User and Roles for SAP BTP Workflow and Flexible Workflow
Part 5: Configure Cloud Connector for Workflow Integration
Part 6: Workflow Scenario with Extension Step
Part 7: Flexible Workflow in Integration Scenario
Part 8: Extension Workflow using SAP Workflow Management on SAP BTP
Part 9: End-to-End Test of Workflow Integration Scenario
Part 10: Problem Solving of Workflow Integration Scenario


1. Recap
2. Test
... 2.1. Start Workflow
... 2.2. Check Running Workflow
... 2.3. Check External Step in Backend
... 2.4. Execute External Step on SAP BTP
... 2.5. Check Workflow Instance in Backend
... 2.6. Recheck Workflow Protocol

1. Recap

Let's shortly recap what we already did:

Here, the test stopped, because we did not yet create the SAP BTP workflow.

What we will do now is to repeat creating a new instance of a flexible workflow and see what happens in SAP BTP launchpad.


2. Test

2.1. Start Workflow

In backend:

  • Run report ZCAS_AUDIT_START via transaction SE38

  • Enter partner ID 0815

  • Run (F8)

2.2. Check Running Workflow

In backend:

  • Run transaction SWI6

  • Fields:

    • Object Type Category: ABAP Class

    • Class/Interface: Classname, sample ZCL_CAS_AUDIT

    • Selection variant: Active Instances (Running, Ready, Committed,...)

    • Selection Period: Today only

We can see the expected result: a running workflow instance

2.3. Check External Step in Backend

In backend system:

  • Run transaction SWF_CPWF_MON

Use this monitoring transaction if you want to know, if there are workflow instances, which use the service integration.

2.4. Execute External Step on SAP BTP

Now we have to switch to SAP BTP launchpad to check, if there is an approval step available.

If you maintained your own email address to be the receiver of the approval step in SAP BTP Workflow (remember Part 8: Extension Workflow using SAP Workflow Management on BTP, section 3.4. Add User Task), then you should see an entry in your MyInbox app:

  • Run MyInbox app:

  • Push button Approve 

  • The task in this app disappears

  • Some more administrative information is available via app Monitor Workflows - Workflow Instances. Here, you could see, if an instance is in error status. In this case, you would get more information about the error in the apps detail screen.

2.5. Check Workflow Instance in Backend

In backend:

  • Once again run monitoring transaction SWF_CPWF_MON

  • Ideally, the status changed to COMPLETED and a log is avalable:

If there are problems, check the next section. Otherwise: congratulations!

Hint: at the moment we haven't considered any context data to and from SAP BTP. Thus, we don't know, if this SAP BTP workflow ends with an approval or a rejection.

2.6. Recheck Workflow Protocol

Repeat steps from section 2.2. Check Running Workflow

Check in protocol, if the workflow processed all steps and is finished meanwhile.

=> Conclusion: we should have seen a workflow processed on two systems. If this does not fully work, see the next part and figure out the reason.


>> Next: Problem Solving of Workflow Integration Scenario