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In Continuation to Part 1, and Part 2 ,we have now arrived at the last part of this blog where in,

this Part 3 : we will be creating Flowgraph to load Virtual table data to HANA Table in WEB IDE

Creating Flow graph for the Part 2 Virtual table

  1. Right click on src -> New -> Flowgraph .Give name as Vtableflow

  2. Drag and drop the node “Data Source”

In the Data source settings , select the Object Name as vtable (Virtual table created above ) and click on Apply

3. Drag and drop the node “Data Target”

In the Data Target settings , select Template Table and give Object Name as testtemptarget and choose key as given below and click on Apply

4. Final Flow graph will look as below

5. Select the src and build it

6. Now , data is in vtable but it is not loaded to testtemptarget table.

For this to happen , we can either follow any one of the following.

  • Open the flowgraph file and click on Execute


  • Go to Database Explorer and find the container in which we created the flowgraph and call the procedure which gets automatically created when we create the Flowgraph


So , now  we have successfully loaded the data from Flat File Remote Source into HANA Tables via Virtual Table in HANA 2.0 using WEB IDE .

I hope these posts were useful and enjoyable to you.


-- Jairaj