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You will learn how to create ODATA services for your solution. These ODATA services will enable any external application to create, read, update and delete data of your custom application.

Creating ODATA services is easy. You can just go to the frontend and create an ODATA service for any of your custom BO's. I show you both the creation as well as the usage with Postman during my video tutorial. The general documentation on how to use the standard ODATA service can be found here.

You can also upload mass data with the migration workbench which is the standard data migration tool in Sales and Service Cloud after you generated the ODATA service and activated the "enable for data workbench" checkbox. I will not show this in my video but I asssume that most of you know the data workbench or your fellow consultants do know. A blog describing it can be found here.

But now, enjoy my video! 🙂

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